Rozen Maiden Manga

Chibi Ichingo

a while ago I had gotten volumes 1-4 of Rozen Maiden, I am a bit confused, Suigintou’s medium still hasn’t appeared and it seems like each volume of the manga centers around one doll, such as volume one centered around Shinku, and volume 2 centered around Hina-Ichingo, hmmm…


  1. Suigintou doesn’t actually have a medium. Her hate and will is more than enough energy to sustain her, let alone probably all the dolls.

  2. hey, suigintou will have a medium,..soon (note:in the second season) her medium is a very sick girl who is in a hospital and she thinks suigintou is the angel of death and will take her away,and thats why she kisses the rose ring.and becomes her medium.

  3. kun_kun_tantei · · Reply

    Wish they’d make season 3.. PEACH-PIT Should continue the manga! the ending of the manga is still hanging.. unsolve Cases are a pain for Kun kun!

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