Review for DearS Fanbook

My Review On DEARS FanBook!

The DearS Comic Fanbook is interseting…
It has:

3 color Illustrations
25 comic stories in 192 pages
3 comic stories by Peach-Pit themselves!

because Mangas cost so much, Pixie Pop and DearS Fanbook is enough.
the cover is nice, and the back cover is better!
the three color illustrations are done by:

Ramiya Ryo
Takagi Nobuyuki

The contents:

DearS Opening Contact
DearS Like XXX
Jailhouse Rock
Headquarters for alien countermeasure
Master’s recourcefulnes
Worries of the alien kind
Park in the sky
Let’s Go to The Publac Bath!
The mystery of the alien collar
Gift ~We Met On Earth~
On a summer day!
Okay, eveyone, Let’s Go!
Sweet Gift
My precious
What DearS Wanna Do
DearS 3-Minuet Cooking
Plums and Potatoes And Me
A DearS’ Duty

Educational course: A look at the universe through history,
the development and enchantment of social standings in society structures

One Day
Melon Annaversary
Ren’s Great Appeasement Battle
A strange feeling

DearS Fanbook is a very cool peice of art, the one story I found very funny was:
DearS Like XXX and A DearS’ Duty

DearS Like XXX is the only story I found very nice…
but there are plent more nice stories such as ‘My Precious’, which is about
Miu’s Pencil, and DearS Like XXX is about Ren running out of Melon Bread!

Rating: 5/5 – Top Of The Scale!

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