Review for Pixie Pop Manga!

Pixie Pop?

at first I was dissapointed when I first got Pixie Pop, but when I read on I became more interested.
it wasn’t crude, it wasn’t rude, it wasn’t even weird, but the high level of romance makes this a 13 and over Manga…

the story is about a girl named Mayu who is constantly going after a boy who dosen’t know her well.
Pucho the drink fairy, appeares and that’s when it got neat.

but I’m getting sick of the ‘people acting weird when they see something unamaginable’
it’s too typical in these kinds of manga, like, in DearS (I never read DearS Volume 1),
or Rozen Maiden.

In Rozen Maiden, the main male character, Jun Sakurada, acted like he’s never seen a magical creature! it’s too typical in these mangas, the main characte freaks out when he/she sees a magical creature.

that’s what I found in Pixie Pop.
so I skipped to the second chapter of Pixie Pop, it was interesting, and so was chapter 4.

In one of the chapters, Mayu was about to undress in front of her crush!

Pixie Pop gets a 4/5.


  1. tiffany · · Reply

    yeah, i agree~ pixie pop is definitely worth reading!

  2. stephanie · · Reply

    pixie pop is cool where can i get the 3rd book i cant find it any were

  3. princesslilo · · Reply

    its not out yet

  4. when will it be out?! I HAVE TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!

  5. princesslilo · · Reply

    Volume 3 will come out in october 9, volume 2 is out now

  6. Volume 3 is out !!! it’s been out for a while… hasn’t it =D

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