Cicada Love!

Cicadas! Yay!

wheres your love for the cute Magicicadas?
I love cicadas so much I wanted to take one home with me!

Cicadas are sooo cute that I have drawn a Cicada Drama comic and a Cicada Drama book is in the works called ‘Cicada Day’!
the story is about Kageto, a Cicada who claims himself to be king of the Cicadas, and he wants to save him and his family members from being taken to a Cicada Zoo (set up by me in the story) and must find himself a girlfriend before his time runs out.

but he falls in love with Jun, a female Cicada who is also his closest friend.

If you have a Cicada Fanstory, please say so in the comment section of this post and include a link to your Cicada fan story.
‘Semi’ is the japanese word for Cicada
higurashi is a Cicada species in Japan, the title ‘Higurashi no Naku Koro ni’ must
be about the bug Cicada

–Princess Lilo, Cicada fan and Owner of this blog


  1. It’s a bit late but xD…

    I actually do have to agree with you there! @__@ At first I was kinda freaked out by them, but when you think about it…

    A cicada plushie would be a bestseller!!! m(゚Д゚)m

  2. You have to post that story somehow xD Or scan it sometime…I think a story about Cicadas would be sooo cool!!!!! >w< I think I may have to write/draw my own!

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