Pixie Pop Rules!?

Pixie Pop 3

I know this might sound weid, but I actually like Pixie Pop!
At first it was boring and non-cool until I read on! I wanted to take it back but
No! I won’t take it back, I’ll keep it and buy Pixie pop volume 2 and 3, as well as Yotsuba-and!

I can’t wait to buy Yotsuba-and, I heard that she discovers Cicadas!
Yotsuba-to(‘Yotsuba-and’ in english translation) s a slice of life manga for the young at heart!
I can’t wait to buy it!

By the way, I’m not sure if you can read Pixie Pop online, but you
can read it at a bookstore. I haven’t gotten to volume 2 and 3 yet.


  1. i was gonna get kingdom hearts but then saw pixie pop. i decided nah i guess i’ll get this. so i got at first i was bored of it but then i started reading it! it became great! so i will keep it!

  2. Pixie Pop FaN · · Reply

    Are you serious?
    I want Pixie pop 3…
    I would seriously Buy it but did already come out?

  3. princesslilo · · Reply

    It came out with volume #3 on the way

  4. aubrey aubrey aubrey · · Reply

    pixie pop is sooo good! I love it! kingdom hearts is good too. You should read it. read ultra maniac. thats one of my favorites! and yostuba is sooooo cute! i liked that one too.
    l8r t8r

  5. hi i just got hooked on pixie pop it rox!! i have read volumes 1 and 2 and i am so getting #3 soon

  6. tsukiokuhime · · Reply

    isn’t that ‘GOKKUN! PUCHO? If that is, i already finished reading it, mwahahaha!!

  7. IS that really PUCHO? Tell me please

  8. i looooooooooove Pixie Pop Gokkun Pucho!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best manga i ever read…next to kamichama karin that is! hey,do you guys know if Ema Toyama is planning on having Pixie Pop become an anime? if so that would be great! she should defiantely make a sequal too!!! about Amamiya and Mayu’s daughter…if they have one. XD

  9. Where can i find volume 3… anyone know if there are any online sites T__T i want to read it SOOOO badly

  10. I finally finished reading it and now i have all 3 books ^___^ lucky me right??? it’s so sad and happy at the same time… but i don’t want to spoil the ending xD it’s freaking awesome though! Pixie Pop (Gokkun! Pucho) FTW!!! (FOR THE WIN)

  11. Ryunatta · · Reply

    <.< Id like some one to spoil it for me (volume 3 that is cause i own 1-2) or may be even scan it for me …if you dont mind doing that contact me at:


  12. safasf · · Reply

    Amamiya asks Mayu to help him with the Nazuna and Ryouta problem.
    After Nazuna and Ryouta get together, Pucho gives Mayu “Prince-brand Melon Juice”, to help her find her prince charming. (turns out everyone is a prince charming in their own ming)
    Later then, Mayu finds Yuuki, and decides to use him as a toy to make Amamiya jealous.
    Amamiya turns out not to be jealous, and Mayu starts crying. Yuuki finds her and starts to yell at Amamiya. Mayu tells Pucho to cancel the spell, and she does, but it turns out Yuuki really does have feelings for her.
    Yuuki ends up asking her out, and the book is left at a cliff-hanger.

    I think right now, in Thailand, they have up to book 6?

  13. Hey any1 have volume 3 of pixie pop…read up to da part yuuki askin mayu out…..searched da web n cnt find da rest…so if any1 can scan da rest n send it to me through email….tat would be heaps of help….thanx…just luv this manga!!!


    1. try manga fox

  14. It’s a three volume series.

    Volume three is where Mayu tries to make Amamiya jealous with a boy introduced in that volume named Yuuki. When it appears not to work, she feels bad about it.

    Yuuki turns out to have had a crush on her for a long time now, and she feels even worse.

    She drinks a “Vitamin 0” and her feelings for Amamiya are reduced to zero. This doesn’t last for very long, because the ingrediants for the potion have been coming out of her body and all.

    She confesses to Amamiya again, and he kisses her.

    The book ends on their wedding.

    Courtesy wikipedia, so the reliability varies.

  15. were can i find book 1? i have read the comments on this book and would relly like to read it. does anyone know a popular book store that carries these?

    1. a book store barnes and nobles online manga fox

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