My Review on Star Wars Episode 3

For those of you who are not familiar, Star Wars Episode 3 explains what happens before Star Wars episode 4,5 and 6.

My Rating: 5/5 (Excellent!)

What I Think: I think that if Anakin hadn’t lost his mother in episode 2 (which I seen but can’t remember much) he might have turned out better.


Despite that, despite all of that…This movie was one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen, and
it actually took #1 on my BEST MOVIE LIST, right under War of the Worlds starring Tom Cruiz and Dakota Fanning. War of the Worlds was #1 until Revenge of the Sith came along.

there were 3 Woring Titles for this movie: Rise of the Empire, The Creeping Fear and Birth of the Empire.

Eventually, Revenge of the Sith also became a “guessed title” that George Lucas would later announce to be true.


The opening scene (which I like to call ‘Big Battle Ship Battle’) where all those ships were seen firing lasers and stuff was cool! But it also looked like a bunch of scribbles and color and flying dots if you looked at it a diffrent way. But I found it most likeable

Between The Pages

Now… The first scene with Padmé and Anakin, I knew from then on that there would be
troubble rising…and there was

Anakin started dreaming of her dying of childbirth and he tried to stop a way to cause it, not knowing that he was the one who was going to cause it because of his downfall to the dark side.
if he didn’t fall to the dark side…I think he could have stopped it without going to the Dark Side!
He saw his own mistake.

Do you agree? Comment at the bottom of the page
say what you thought about Star Wars Episode 3 in the comment box below

The Middle

When Anikin and that Sith guy (Palpatine) were talking, that was the time things would change.
And so, when Obi-wan was sent to kill some Skedar-looking alien, that scene tottaly wins my props!

But when Palpatine orders clone troopers across the galaxy to turn against their Jedi Generals,
Thats when I got angry. My favorite Jedi, Shaak Ti, (who made an appearence in Star Wars: Clone Wars TV Animated special) was seen being killed, that just crossed the line!
But it had to happen! wait…Is it true? Skaak Ti lives? Wow! weird…

The scene where Anakin goes on a killing spree, that is just OMG (Oh my god!)!


When Anakin and Obi-Wan start the big duel, Anakin got what he deserved, and Padmé surly dies right after she names her kids.

Anakin is given a Robot-like body and finds out that his wife dies and screams loudly.

In the end, this movie deserves a 10/10 (also 5/5)


The long awaited dub is what I would call: Re-do Music Time

I get out my MP3 player, turn it on, and choose songs to play during the movie.
I play the songs during the movie and think of them as ‘replacements’ for original songs used in movies, and for Star wars: Episode 3, I wrote a list of songs to play during some scenes.
most of the songs are from Rozen Maiden because Rozen Maiden songs fit this movie because of
the way they sound.

I can’t remember much from the Star Wars 3 movie, but I’ll update the dub list when I get the chance.

so far I have:

Scene – The Opening – The Big Battle ship duel

1. Rozen Maiden – Battle of Rose
2. Rozen Maiden – Shukuteki
3. Rozen Maiden – Battle of Crystal
4. Haruhi Suzumiya – Yuki, Muon, Madobe Nite

Scene – Palpatine and Anikin talk

1. Rozen Maiden – Hyoukai
2. Rozen Maiden – Alice Game

Scene – General Grievous V.S. Obi- Wan

1. Rozen Maiden – Bara no Jubai
2. Rozen Maiden – Seishojo Ryouiki (cut to the intro of the song)
3. Rozen Maiden – Atem (skip to the intense part of the song)
4. Kiba – Sanctuary (skip to the near end)

Scene – Palpatine and Windu

1. Perfect Dark – Skedar Leader

Scene – Anikin goes evil

1. Rozen Maiden – Kamp
2. Utsusemi no kage (skip to the near end of the song)
3. Noir – Aka tu Kuro (skip to the near end)
4. Rozen Maiden – Arukana

Scene – Obi-Wan and Anikin Final Duel

1. Perfect dark – Deep Sea: Nulify Threat (skip to the near end)
2. Rozen Maiden – Battle Of Rose (do not play full)
3. Perfect Dark – Skedar Leader

Scene – Padme’s funeral

1. Rozen Maiden – Arukana

Scene – Anikin is now Darth Vader

1. Rozen Maiden – Alice Game

Scene – Ending credits

1. Rozen Maiden – Utsusemi no kage
2. AIR – Tori no Uta

Please Comment! ^ ^! ~ Kashira


  1. Shizuka · · Reply

    I gave this a 10/10 also!! I really enjoyed this and it wrapped everything up very neatly and cleanly.
    As standard for Star Wars, the acting, musical score and special effects were phenomenal.
    I very highly recommend this to anyone who love Stars Wars or sci-fi (Of course you’ll want to see the other 5 first, though.)

  2. Nice review; RoTS is an awesome film. Easily the best prequel film.

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