Crystal Of Deception – A Short Barashishou Tale

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This is my short Barashishou tale, This is what will happen if Barashishou had lost her creator

It was a dark and stormy night.
A beautiful looking doll decorated in purple attire was sitting down by a window seal.
This doll’s name was Barashishou.

Her father, Enju, was out for the night and this lovely doll was all alone.
She looked around the room and saw nothing but a dark room.

She jumped off the window seal and headed outside. She closed her eyes, lifted her hands up and magically flew off fast into the vast distance.

She headed to a modern looking house and slowly landed on a tree branch.
Balancing herself perfectly on it.

She looked into a window of the house and saw a beautiful Doll with long hair in a red dress and another Doll walking around her in circles wearing a pink French style dress.
These two were Hinaichigo and Shinku.

“I shall seize your Rosa Mystica…I will surpass Alice.” She said lightly.

Then, black feathers began to fall from up above.
She looked up and saw Suigintou, another Doll who was dressed in black to show her
Sadness and hatred for her fellow sisters, and black wings began to unfurl from her back.

“Barashishou…I have came to warn you…you better not keep Shinku’s Rosa Mystica for yourself. I have plans of making you give up your Rosa Mystica and soon it will be mine.” She said as she placed her hand under her chin.

“Tonight you will suffer.” She said as she flew off.

Suigintou located Enju walking through a field with trees heading to a nearby house holding something in his hand. It happened to be a key to Rozen’s world.

Rozen is the mysterious creator of seven dolls he calls Rozen Maidens, and Shinku, Hina-Ichingo and Suigintou were part of the group.

Suigintou glared at him and said, “Going somewhere Enju?”

Enju looked up and saw the Doll hovering in the air. Barashishou, who was heading back to her home, had a strange feeling about Suigintou.

She saw feathers trailing across the ground and she followed them and saw Enju and Suigintou.

“Say goodnight Enju.” She said.

Her wings grew bigger and her feathers grew sharper and she used an intense amount of power to launch her sharp feathers into Enju!

Barashishou saw this and grew enraged.
“SUIGINTOUH!” she shouted. Her voice echoed through out the forest.

At that same moment Shinku, Hina-Ichingo, Suiseiseki and her twin Souseiseki and their friend, Jun Sakurada, heard Barashishou’s scream and followed the sound while it was still in radius.

They saw Barashishou, Suigintou and a crucially injured Enju in the field.
Suigintou sent feather flying towards the boy and his dolls and the feathers covered them
All over their bodies!

Barashishou summoned sharp crystals towards Suigintou but Suigintou swiftly dodged them.

“Barashishou…I know your weakness. It’s him, it’s your Father.” Said Suigintou.

Suigintou hit Barashishou with sharp feathers and Barashishou came plummeting to the ground.

Suigintou forced more sharp feathers into Enju; one feather went straight into his heart.
His screams were heard a mile away.

Barashishou ran to her Father and looked at him.

“B…B…Barashishou…I…Love…You…” he said slowly.

Suigintou disappeared into the distance, leaving a sad Barashishou crying loudly.
Jun, Shinku, Suiseiseki, Souseiseki and Hina-Ichingo were shocked and powerless to do anything.

The feathers slowly came off Jun, Shinku, Suiseiseki, Souseiseki and Hina-Ichingo.

Blood came from Enju’s mouth as he took his final breath. Barashishou opened up the bag he was carrying and saw the key.

She put the key in her pocket and decided to use it to seek her revenge on Rozen, the one who created Suigintou and kill him to stop the Alice game and put an end to the dolls.

“I will kill you Suigintoh!” she growled.

The End


  1. racheal · · Reply

    thats soooo sad
    i never knew
    which ep is that
    or series
    suigintou has her reasons but barasuisho ended up helping suigintou for some reason if what you said was true

  2. racheal · · Reply

    good story

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