Light Map – A Harry Potter Fan Song

Light Map – Hermione’s Song Copyrighted by Princess Lilo. Harry Potter and all related indica of the Harry Potter series is copyrighted by Warner Bros. Entertainment, J.K. Rowling and Scholastic.

Fan Song Copyrighted (c) 2007 Cresent Star Productions All rights reserved

Another Harry Potter Fan Song by me! Please Comment!

I didn’t come up with a beat for the song…So I listened to Haruka Shimotsuki’s song Tooi Tsutaeuta and came up with lyrics for Hermione’s song made by me

Light Map

Hermione’s Image Song:

The lighted path doesn’t protect me from the dangers lurking in the closed room
I go with you because I’m your loyal friend

Adventure waits on that lighted path

Being smart doesn’t mean that I’m a snob I walk on that path
With you two by my side discussing everyday talk

I like you as a friend I think we have a tight bond
Will I ever see a day when you’ll say those words?

The dangerous path ahead is the end of your dream and the droplets of light are as light as a feather

The spiraling law of light cannot be seen but read on the lighted map
Tell me you love me and I will be happy the days I spent with you are counted into 7
This is the last time I stand-alone

The autumn leaves make me think is this a dream or reality
Is everything really happening to use?

I cannot say what comes to mind when it’s about love

The magical days are like gold; they cannot be retrieved but remembered
In your mind and your heart

I cannot see some things but I know that I have you to guide me if I’m stuck
Tell me you love me and I will be happy and will always stick with you
This is the last time I will ever believe in a foolish fairytale

The future for us is as lighted as my heart
This is the end of my song and another chapter is written into my life
I will be with you the eternal bond is strong like glue!

End of Song


  1. 100yen · · Reply

    I really like this!!! It has inspired me to make my own :D!!

  2. princesslilo · · Reply

    Yeah! I’m a song writer, I wrote 83 songs and I’m working on 6 Anime-Inspired book series, one of them is called ‘Relics and Shallows’

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