Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

I Finally Got it! and I’m on page 100 something! It is my first Harry Potter book and It’s SOOOO Action Packed and great! but death looms upon Harry Potter’s closest people! And What the heck is a Horcrux?


  1. You REALLY have to read book 6 first…

    anyway, a Horcrux is an object that contains a piece of someone’s soul so they won’t die when their body is destroyed. Horcruxes are created by murdering someone. Voldemort supposedly created 6 before he was defeated, but was planning on making 7. Harry and Dumbledore have already disposed of 2 horcruxes and found what they believed to be another, however, it turned out that it was not the real horcrux but a substitute locket that contained a note from RAB, who stole the horcrux.

    Harry must destroy all the horcruxes before he can kill Voldemort.

  2. princesslilo · · Reply

    Then Voldermort will be vulnerable to a death spell!

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