My review on Harry Potter Movie 5

It was thrilling and wild, although it had one cheesy scene it was brilliant!

My rating for it is a 10/10

It had great graphics and had great music and was very entertaining and I almost jumped out of my seat! I think if it wasn’t for the cheesy scene it would have gone great.

The Movie Plot

It started out with Harry’s cousin picking on him, then dementors showed up and
tried to suck their souls. Harry was accused of injuing his cousin. Harry was endited for using magic outside school and showed up for court at the Ministry of Magic.

then, Mad-Eye moody, Tonks and some other people appeared and went to some place using their broom sticks!

he went to Hogwarts and saw Luna (whom Hermione almost called Loony). Umbrige showed up and it turned into a portal of death! she changed the school with 100 laws (litterally!).

Umbrige made harry write ‘I must not tell lies’, then magically it appeared on his hand in a bloody way!

Snape tried to make Harry resist giving in to Voldormort’s visions, but instead Harry saw Snape’s memory of James Potter bulling him when he was young. I was surprised!

Harry started teaching twenty students how to do ADVANCE Magic. then there was a CHEESY scene, Harry and the Mikuru Asahina (Mikuru Asahina is from the Haruhi Suzumiya series) inspired girl started kissing. I almost shouted “DO-DO HEAD!”

THEN, Umbrige captured a couple of Harry’s friends and interogated Harry but then Hermione lead them into a forest, and Umbrige got pummeled!

Luna, Nevil, Ron, Ginny, Hermione and Harry headed out to the Ministry of Magic! traveling by dragons.

when they were in the room full of glass balls that’s when things got bad.
Bellatrix Lestrange and Draco Malfoy’s father showed up demanding something from Harry.

then an all out battle! masked Death Eaters disappeared and reappeared in puffs of smoke and tried to attack the kids, but Luna conjured up a major spell and glass started shattering and they ran for their lives!

then, smoke covered the whole room and Harry’s friends were captured by Death Eaters!
Harry handed Draco Malfoy’s father the Prophency and his friends were released, but Sirius Black appeared!

Bellatrix killed Sirius and Harry tried to kill her but didn’t.
then Dumbledore appeared, it was an all-out battle.

Voldermort tried to consume Harry but it did not work.


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  2. I agree with you! its a great book, but too bad it ends…I feel so empty putting it down after so many years waiting for it…

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