Hakoniwa Note (kukui’s new album)

Hakoniwa NoteHakoniwa Note 2

(If anyone has a download link to this album, please provide it to me)
Hakoniwa Note, a new album by kukui. I never heard the songs but I would love to! There is nothing better than new songs from Kukui. The cover really explains how good the CD is and I think Hakoniwa Note means Treehouse Play or Sandplay Discussion or Miniature
Garden or something like that. If I do get a download link, I will post all of the new songs on the album. The track ‘Toumei Shelter’ is a newer version.
There are songs from the unreleased Angel Profile game and track one is short. (its runtime is 1:09, which is much shorter than kukui’s last short song Atem)


1. Approach (new!)
runtime: 1:09
2. 箱庭ノート / Hakoniwa Note (new!)
runtime: 3:56
3. コンコルディア / Concordia
4. Starry Waltz
5. cycle (new!)
runtime: 4:34
6. 夜の奥底 / Yoru no Okusoko (new!)
runtime: 5:11
7. 透明シェルター ~kukui ver.~ / Toumei Shelter ~kukui ver.~ (new!)
runtime: 4:24
8. 虹色クオーツ / Nijiiro Quartz — PS2 game Angel Profile opening theme
runtime: 4:30
9. 空のメロディ / Sora no Melody — PS2 game Angel Profile ending theme
runtime: 3:37
10. 記憶 / Kioku (new!)
runtime: 4:54
11. アマヤドリ / Amayadori
runtime: 5:25
12. 二重奏 / Nijuusou
runtime: 4:57
13. Little Primrose
runtime: 4:00


  1. tsukiokuhime · · Reply

    Thank you so much for the titles of track 7-10, i’m looking forward to that. Thanks for download links anyway. You helped me so much, love ya!New album of Haruka from Ar Tonelico is Ar Tonelico Hymnos Concert Side Homura.

  2. princesslilo · · Reply

    I’ve heard of that!

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