Songs to Listen to Before Bed

heh…:). This is my list of Japanese songs to listen to before bed. If you are looking for a song that suits you before bed…I suggest you read this list. Please Comment!

THIS LIST IS OLD AND MY SENSE OF MUSIC HAS WIDENED. I now listen to ALI PROJECT’s classical songs before I go to bed, or a nice piano song. Beethoven and Mozart are perfect before bed, especially the ‘Beethoven Best’ CD, its 2 disk and i forgot the full title so I’ll describe the cover: on the cover is an orchestra in a sort of brown/sepia tone.

Matowareshi Mono Ra
I really suggest this one. It’s by ALI PROJECT. If you gothic lovers wanna listen to a soft, scary song before bed, I really suggest this one. The fast vocals at the start are beautiful, and so is the slow singing of song. If you want this MP3, ask for it below.

Soubikakei (Rose Crucifixtion)
Genious violin work. If you like aritstrocrat Motzart-like violin songs, this is #1. Of course, it’s by ALI PROJECT. I listen to it before bed a lot and I dream of…I forgot! But it reminds me of Motzart and Beethoven. It has a dark tone but I’m pretty sure you won’t care.

Dilettante no Hisokana Tanoshimi
The best ALI PROJECT song I’ve heard. The beggining starts off with a sound that sounds like the melody is being rewined. Then it gets slow. The songs reminds me of a beautiful room.

City of Moon Chase (Tsukioi no Toshi)
One of Haruka’s beautiful Doujinshi songs. It uses a melosy that reminds me of a car driving near a lake with trees near it. It also reminds me of the color Orange! It’s a nice bed-time song, but it’s also kind of sad.

Hana Hiraku Souten
A playful, light song that is very good to listen to before bed. It’s from Haruka Shimotsuki’s Doujinshi album, Tsukioi no Toshi. If you like Cute stuff then I suggest this song, I also suggest Chikakute Tooi Yume which has a more better melody than this.

The Near Yet Far Dream
Chikakute Tooi Yume. It’s by Kukui (Haruka Shimotsuki & myu). The song is an image song for HinaIchingo from Rozen maiden. It’s kinda like Hana Hiraku Souten, but has that violin added to it and uses a clairanet at the near end of the song. I find it to be one of kukui’s best songs.

Yoru no Okusoku
Pfftt! yeah, If you like Incects like Bees and Cicadas. This song should be titled ‘When Cicadas Cry, Kukui version’. The constant annoying buzzing reminds me of Cicadas, but if you like that type of stuff then this would be PERFECT! Compare the buzzing in the song to the buzzing heard at the beggining of Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (off vocal) by Eiko Shimaya or some sort of sci-fi robot music. Also, don’t play this song loud if you have headphones. Wasps may be attracted to it! XD! The song sounds fit for War of the Worlds movie series. The song is reminds me of Monochrome Sekai by Refio+Haruka Shimotsuki from the Toumei Shelter single. The music chimes in and out.

Taishou A
by anNina. If you’d like the romantic-sounding songs then I really suggest this. The song sticks to you like a leech, and it’s very soft and beautifully sad. Lovely for lovers running away.

Why, or Why Not?
This song is soft and loud. Listen if you dare.

Green Fingers (Midori no Yubi)
OMG! It’s Kukui AGAIN! This song is so soft, but when the reaches 2:07, you can hear a soft little beating/drum-like sound that is similar to the one heard in EXEC_RE=NATION/. from Air Torkeleno (Ar Tonelico). The song sounds very economic. It reminds me of the grass, trees and plants. Just another reminder that Global Warming is here. The song is very sad if you listen to it during the near end of a movie such as Haunted Mansion, The Lion King 1 and 2, Pokemon 6: Lucario & Mew, etc. whatever movie you want.

Forget I suggested that one. That song is fun to listen to while watching a movie like Happy Feet or Aladdin. The song is by Haruka Shimotsuki from Ar Tonelico 2 Concert Side 2, Crimson Red. The song is loud and not needed on the list but is VERY FUN AND COOL!!

Hartes ciel, melenas walasye!
If you like in the carriban or in Hawaii or Sweden, this is for you. This song sticks in your head like a leech because of it’s catchy lyrics. I love it’s folk touch, but I find Ashiato Rhythm better. The song is by Haruka Shimotsuki from Ar Tonelico 2 Concert Side 2, Crimson Red. Maybe not good for bed.

Ashiato Rhythm
A song composed by Manyo (Little Wing)! Do you want to know how I can tell? Because there is an extended part near the end of the song when the vocals end. The song has a beautiful folk touch and Hartes Ciel Melenas Walasye is too similar to this song. I like the clappig heard in the Ashiato Rhythm song though! The song is from an album called ‘Ashiato Rhythm: Haruka Shimotsuki Works Best! The song reminds me of Harry Potter Movie 4.

Moon of Glass
This song is from a Eroge Game called ‘Cartagra’. I don’t know why Haruka would sing for the Cartagra game, it’s graphics are horrid, I know because I saw some images of it on it’s site! I would be happier if she sang for Kao no Nai Tsuki 1 or 2, or Yami to Boshi to Hon no Tabibito(especially this one). but those series’ are finished. Moon of Glass reminds me of James Blunt’s music. By the way, I would listen to James Blunt before bed. The song Moon of Glass has a out-of-space touch to it, and it also has a ‘standing in the meadow looking at the moon’ feel to it.

Its not soft, but it’s one of Haruka’s best. The song has a in-the-sky feel, it also reminds me of Star Wars 2 and 3 (the senes featuring Padme and Anakin Skywalker). It also seems to keep that R&B/Corrinne Baley Ray feel to it, but of couse, the music is by Takumaru (I luv him), who also did the opening for Sweet Honeymoon (Eroge Yaoi game)

Tsuioku no Kakera
aah, so sweet. The beggining sounds like an R&B song by…by…aw man! I forgot! Anyways, it is a very beautiful song that reminds me of a Nintendo 64 Car Game I used to play. The song is very air-y.

Natsu no Haoto
It has that summer feel, but of course, Natsu no Haoto means Summer Buzz. I think the music is also by Takumaru…hmm…? Its great to listen to before bed.

Arigatou (Thank You)
Miyahara Nami, the Seiyuu of Momoko Asakura from Ojamajo Doremi. The song has an original feel that is beautiful.

Faith of My Feathers (Kibou no hane)
Kukui’s VERY FIRST song before they did their pre-version of Toumei Shelter. The song has that Piano feel but it also reminds me of the color Light Brown. The vocals are unforgettable. really, they are.

Futari no Mirai
A true, true Lullaby. I HATE IT! It’s too sad. The ending of the song gets VERY sad. The song is short and so are the lyrics. The vocals are soft! The song is from Relict – Toki no Wasuremono, and since Relict is Folkish Eroge game, the song is folkish. A folkish lullaby. The song can be downloaded by the sidebar, under the name Voices of the Loved Ones (for my Harry Potter fan album).

Hikari no Kiseki
The song is by Suara. The song is very airy and sweet. It reminds me of the country, or a place with a lot of trees. The song is from Asatte No Houkou.

Sweet Home Song
A country song by Yuumano (MAYUKO). It’s a sweet song that has a country feel to it. It’s a very good choice to listen to before bed, and the vocals are unforgettable and catchy.

1 + 1
A Rock song. The last part is so amazing! I love the 3 second hanging note. For those of you who’d perfer Rock ove Country, you could listen to this or listen to ‘The World’ from Death Note (I never heard the first opening song to death note).

My Brand New Way
Teppei Koike! An acustic Rock song with a homey touch to it. Koike-Sama knows his stuff, and so does Eiji Wentz!

Doll Maiden
from the Doll~Utahime~ CD. I don’t know the real name of this song but it reminds me of the ‘Dolls book by Yumiko Kawahara. It’s a nice rock song by Haruka Shimotsuki. I think I uploaded this to esnips. The vocals are kind of slice-of-life-ish.

HAPPY COSMOS by PoppinS (I think it’s said as Poppin S)I used to listen to this playful song before bed, but not anymore!

Farewell Song
A song that suits the Kingdom Hearts series (I never played that game). It’s soft and there is some harmonizing at the end. It’s like a memorial song. It’s very,very sad and light.

Fixed Mind
By Kimidori Emiri from Haruhi Suzumiya series. The whole song is dreamy, light and has a lot of glittery sounds. It’s kind of similar to Toki no Puzzle. It’s the best character song for Suzumiya series since Toki no Puzzle. I like the off vocal version more better. It sounds way more future-istic.

Toki no Puzzle
A beautiful, poetic song by Mikuru Asahina. It’s like the song ‘Fixed Mind’, but without the glittery sounds. The song has an R&B touch to it more than a Poetic touch.

A mystical-like song that reminds me of Computers. Chihara Minori(Yuki Nagato)’s voice makes up one catchy song, but I listen to the off vocal version more than I do the vocal version.

Hare Hare Yukai – Acustic Kyon
A very funny song that might not hold long, but still it’s great to listen to.

Hare Hare Yukai – Emiri
A dreamy song with a dreamy feel. I suggest this one greatly. The slow vocals are surly to put you asleep fast.

When I Was Alice (Atashi ga Alice Datta Koro)
A definet Romantic song. It’s from the Rozen Maiden 1st opening single, Kinjirareta Asobi (Forbidden Game/Play). Ahh…the nice, violin touch…

S Jou Home ya Kana Kaikon
It sounds just like Atashi ga Alice Datta Koro. Not much I can say, but it is Romantic, so all you boyfriends/husbands out there, download this song! It’s by ALI PROJECT from Rozen Maiden Traumend Opening Single, Seishojou Ryouiki. It sounds like a song about a sadistic girl trying to kill
her friends.

Baragoku Otome
A nice song although it’s from Rozen Maiden Ouverture. It’s a nice, haunting song for those of you who love orchristra-themed music. The lyrics are slow, fast, so on. The song is by ALI PROJECT.

Sleeping Castle (Nemureru Shiro)
A light, dreamy-like love song that reminds me of a castle (hence the name ‘sleeping castle’). An ideal ALI PROJECT song that is sure to put you asleep. It’s not boring, it’s very…Romantic.

Lip Aura
The whole single is good to listen to. The single, Lip Aura, is released by tieLeaf. all songs are by Haruka Shimotsuki. The first song has a very neat folk touch to it. It makes you wanna jump about while the second song is past very, very sad.

Imashime no Ibara
Sadly there is no full version. It was not featued on any album/single. It has a pop-techno darkwave theme. It’s soft/fast, I really, really suggest this song.

Dear Friend
From Haruka Shimotsuki’s album, Maple Leaf Box. The song is soft and very cute and there are violins used.

Yoake no Tsuki
This song suits an adventure anime (An anime such as W.I.T.C.H. or something like Yami to Boshi to Hon no Tabibito, although I’ve never seen Yamibou). It’s soft and Popy, the violin that is used makes the song even more popy and fun to listen to.

A cute, soft song by Kukui from their album, Hakoniwa Note. It’s like Monokuro Sekai, the vocals chime in and out. The song is soft, dreamy and lullaby-ish. It sounds like a song from a baby show like

Nice :D. The song is by Kukui. it sounds like telephones.

A short song that is on Kukui’s mini-album, Hikari no Rasenritsu. It’s short and if you like loud, serious, haunting vocals, this is for you!

much like Atem, but is more playful and shorter (1:09)

Yami no Rinne
hmmm…I suggest this more than any of the songs listed above. It has soothing back vocals
and a nice, tragic melody to it. The song is by Kukui from their sing ‘Starry Waltz’.

Rose Moon
OMG! Ali again! This song is from their album, Noblerot. Not much to say about
it if you like pop songs that sound like something for Winx Club.

Fly me to the Moon
An english song by Clairie from Neon Genisis Evangelion. I suggest this more than I
suggest the others.

Rizelmine – To my Husband and Hajimete Shimasho
Both songs are cute. ‘To my Husband‘ will put you to sleep more than ‘Hajimete Shimasho‘.

And so that ends the list, I will update it each time I get a cool before-bed song! For those of you who read it, please comment.


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