Grand Finale for ALI PROJECT?

ALI PROJECT’s newest album, Grand Finale, is another compilation album. Does that mean this is their final album? ALI PROJECT is the best and I mean THE BEST Gothica Lolita group around. I like Haruka Shimotsuki and Rekka Katakiri but I listen to ALI PROJECT more. It’s so hard finding good japanese albums in .zip format. ALI PROJECT’s best song is Matowareshi Mono Ra, Soubikakei, Platonic, and Narcisse Noir (all time favorite). I love their violin work (What other music artist uses violins in their music? If you know then say so! Lady GaGa dosen’t and neither does Amerie, Rihanna and Beyonce).

If you want really sensual songs that build sexual air, listen to ALI PROJECT’s Yarerakana Hada by Mikiya katakura (the main man in the group). Its on his album Lento and their album Dilettante, I may have spelt the title wrong. Orchestra (in ALI’s case) makes music more romantic and sexual. The piano is sweet and the strings create a sunset in your head.

ALI PROJECT’s lyrics are so poetic and dark (I love it!). ALI PROJECT has been active since the 80’s (or was it the 90’s?) and I think they might be getting tired. I hope they don’t stop making their beautiful music. I have many of their songs, but I need ALL of their songs. (does anyone want to make an mp3 donation?) I hope ALI PROJECT dosen’t stop making music. And I just love their group name.

Actually, their full albums are WAY TOO easy to find, moreso than Haruka Shimotsuki. 3 days after Poison came out I expected to find it on the ‘Net and threre it was. Just one album search will pop up ten results. I hope they are making money. I’ll still buy La Vita Romantica Limited Edition WHEN I get the money. Too bad iTouch has no custom Equalizer. Boooo Apple for taking out the best if music sound quality (or whatever). But I still luv ’em!

If ALI PROJECT is breaking up then I will find a way to stop them! But I don’t live in Japan…Shoot! …hmm…I hope ALI PROJECT stays together for another decade or more.


  1. RadicaL · · Reply

    It actually appears to be an album of orchestral rearrangements of previous ALI PROJECT songs, and maybe some new ones. I’m not sure if I’ve seen a few of these.

    The title “Grand Finale” may hint at the grandiose nature of the songs in their orchestrally rearranged forms, and their relation to what the “grand finale” of a symphony or opera would be like rather than the fact that ALI PROJECT is disbanding (which I certainly hope they aren’t).

    Either way this album is pretty cool. Katakura is really a gifted composer for being able to create these arrangements.

  2. I agree with you! ALI PROJECT is the coolest band ever!!!

  3. Lil Loli · · Reply

    No…I don’t think they are disbanning
    My brother got a Concert DVD of Ali Project called Gekko Soeiel
    (Sorry, Its spelled wrong, I know.) .
    I think it was made after Grand Finale.
    And plus, Kotodama (Word Power) was released in 2008.

    Ali Project Koishiteru~!

  4. I am a huge fan of Ali Project and Rozen Maiden. I may also be a fan of Kingdom Hearts and other animes but i like Rozen Maiden the most. Ali Project’s song are awsome. So dark and poetic.

  5. PiterJankovich · · Reply

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    1. I like blogging. It gives me something to talk about. Your English is good. No worry.

  6. Charlie · · Reply

    I absolutely love Ali Project I got fairly large sized folder reserved just for them. Hopefully it will be getting even fuller!

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