Late Reviews: The Ruins, WALL.E, Alien, Sleepy Hollow

People have been into the movie trend that is ‘Alien’. 3 movies in the series are good so far. Alien 3 is yet to be seen. Let’s start the reviews.

Alien V.S. Predator 2
Hmmm….I liked it. It took place on earth. But its plotline could’ve been stretched a bit more. It was hard to see the characters (bad lighting in the movie) but I liked the idea of Aliens being released upon a small, ‘Hinamazawa-ish’ town. But this movie is not good for watching 4 or 5 times. I think it deserves a 5 out of 10. It lacked what the Alien and Predator movies had (though I’ve never seen ‘Predator’ 1 and 2)… Pure action. This was high on action, but not high in action like the Alien movies.

The Ruins
Weird. I liked it…but it was too ‘teenager-ish’. Just like the movie ‘Breed’ (Breed of attack dogs) this movie starred young adults acting like teens. People are looking so younger these days. It was okay; it wasn’t like anything with high action. Its just one of those Low Budget movies starring unknown young adults! The ‘Mian Flowers’ thing reminds me of the opening theme of higurashi no naku koro ni. Interesting movie, 7 out of 10 stars.

When you’ve seen one Disney movie you’ve seen them all. This movie is like a re-mastered Robot version of ‘Lady and the Tramp’. How can a robot fall in Love? How can it have feelings? I know it’s a Family Movie but can they at least add some ‘realness’ to it. I thought WALL.E would be an adventure movie but it was a LOVE STORY!!! It seems like every Disney movie is based around Love.

Come on Disney! Shake up! Make another movie that’s like Pirates of the Caribbean! WALL.E is a cute movie and WALL>E is cute. But they went too far when they added in ‘The mixture of Love’. It would be nice to put WALL.E in a similar situation to Jun from Rozen Maiden (maybe not….). They overdid it with the fat people. I know they’re trying to say that being lazy is bad…but couldn’t they put that in some bonus feature mini movie? Now they have to learn all over again.

Overall… WALL.E gets a 3 because of disappointment and failure to produce an original story that isn’t about Love. Couldn’t it be about WALL.E saving some people in a ship from a devil computer? Oh it is.

Sleepy Hollow
Ah…that gothic 1700 movie that I love. Those Victoria era movies are okay but 1700 is way back and more gothic. I loved Sleepy Hollow. Its gothic and misty touch made me think of the 1700 years as something new. The Headless Horseman attacking people from his Gothic forest. An immortal ghost and the main character…ah! Jhonny Depp really knows how to do his roles perfectly in movies. For a 1999 Tim Burton movie, Sleepy Hollow wasn’t that bad. I give it a 8 out of 10. It sure fed my hunger for a good gothic story but I wish it was much longer. Not even Rozen Maiden could do that. They say Rozen Maiden is gothic…its not! Gothic is…is…Sweeny Todd (Tim Burton version) and This movie and Interview with a Vampire are examples of Goth in the 16/1700s.

Alien Series
Oh My God! I love the Aliens. The designs for the Queen are awesome! Her Crown, body and smartness are awesome to people who love to draw strange things! The movie Alien was awesome. Sigourney Weaver’s role as Ellen Ripley is stunning. She pulls out the ‘Ordinary’ in ordinary people. Her role shows us that we can be tough and fearless if we get really scared or put our mind to it. Her role in Alien 4 is cool! She’s totally one with the Alien. But the Alien Queen in Alien 4 was kinda weird (in movement).

‘Aliens’, however, reminds me of Perfect Dark. The Skedar’s ruins, the Aliens hive…cool!

Kung-Fu Panda
THE BEST children movie since Lilo & Stitch! Kung-Fu Panda is funny! It kept me at the edge of my chair(for the thrilling parts) and its the best DreamWorks Pictures movie yet (besides Shrek). Its THE BEST movie Hollywood has let out of their cages. The other stuff they’re releasing (or planning to release) is bad. The plotline for this movie is simple. Simple. Hear that Hollywood? A movie with a simple plot! No supernatural occurrences. A 7 out of 10. Why a 7? Because it was too short!

and so ends the reviews.

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