Code Geass: The Next Generation – Episode 1

Story Arc 1 – The Scandal of Suzaku Kururugi

Episode 1 – The Scandal of Suzaku Kuruugi

This is a slice of life story. the main ispiration was Meerkat Manor. The characters are not potrayed as Meerkats nor do any of the characters belong to me (except 3 or 4 original characters). Code Geass belongs to SUNRISE and Clamp. You’d be surprised at the weird FanFics they have out now!


Morning dawned the metropolitan area of Chicago. At the Cern castle, Nunnaly awoke to see the sunlight up the surface. She and her small group, The Aztecs, have been struggling whilst Lelouch’s group, the Whiskers, went through a breeze for the last week. Thomas, the Emperor of the Whiskers anointed Lelouch the title of ‘Dominant Male’. But in order to protect his high status the former Britannian must, and dare I describe it, have children.

Suzaku Kruger, I mean, Kururugi, has showed way too much interest in Lelouch and Lelouch’s two wives, Namia and ‘Closed Caption’. But mainly Lelouch.

The past rover followed Lelouch everywhere. Whenever Lelouch went out to grab a Snack Wrap from McDonalds, Suzaku would follow! Whenever Lelouch went into a room to be alone there goes Suzaku!

The ‘justice is right’ Suzaku Kururugi couldn’t stay away for a minuet. It was something about Lelouch that made Suzaku feel love struck. Sure he might have snubbed Nunnaly but to Suzaku, Lelouch was where the gold was! That flowing and well tidy hair! Those crystalline purple eyes that seemed to suck you into another universe! That frown…the frown that was never a smile. That voice…a voice of purity and his skin was just as pale as vanilla ice cream and it was luminescent and sublime as a dying sun at the end of the Degenerate Era. Lelouch was the sole divinity of Suzaku’s heart! He was the only thing Suzaku’s world evolved around.

On one moonlight night Suzaku caught sight of Namia sitting under a Hawthorn tree. Everyone in the manor were sleeping. Not caring to stand guard or ask a sentry to stay and guard the palace. So Suzaku decided to play the ‘want me’ game. He walked over to Lelouch’s empress and tried to kiss up to her.

“What are you doing?” She asked sternly. Suzaku took her by the hand and said,

“You don’t like being with Lelouch, do you?”

“What are you talking about? I love Lelouch.” She gasped.

“I can satisfy you more so than he can.” Suzaku tightened his grip on her hand.

“You’re hurting me…” she cried.

She stood up and tried to leave but Suzaku grabbed the back of her neck. She struggled hard but the seemingly weak boy was stronger than her. He dragged her into a small house that was hidden behind the trees.

o o o

The next day Namia couldn’t face Lelouch. She was threatened to never tell of her night with Suzaku. Weeks later Namia started to show signs of pregnancy. That’s when Lelouch started to worry because he to felt pregnant. The cause for Lelouch’s strange feelings was an experiment. When Lelouch was unconscious and his memories erased, Lloyd Asplund experimented on Suzaku and Lelouch. Lloyd called the experiment Suricatta. He hoped to make Lelouch and Suzaku stronger and give them the mind of an alien. He also hoped to train Lelouch in being an agent for Britannia so Lelouch could start a new life on the side of Britannia instead of going to school and resurfacing as Zero. Lloyd knew about Lelouch…and he didn’t bother to tell.

But, due to the failure of Lloyd’s experiment, Suricatta, Suzaku and Lelouch slowly started to show signs of pregnancy.

In the afternoon Suzaku was walking down an alley. His destination was a small Pub called PEACH-PIT. Lelouch quietly followed. Suzaku walked up the stairs of the threshold. He touched the knob but didn’t turn it. Lelouch tried to step in closer. The clumsy guy tripped on a rock and fell on a stray dog.

The racket put Suzaku on alert. He looked back and saw Lelouch lying on the ground.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” he snapped.

Lelouch stood up and said, “You’ve been very vexing to me over the past week. C.C. said she saw you drag Namia away. Suzaku, what is the explanation for your actions?”

Suzaku gulped. Had he been found out? He stepped down from the threshhold and said in a quivering voice, “I-I-I have not.” Lelouch had his own ways of getting answers and he was not going to let Suzaku go so easily. Lelouch, looking very handsome in his emperor outfit, walked to Suzaku and whispered in his ear,

“Do not test me.”

His tone of voice was raspy like a xenomorph. Suzaku, feeling stunned, said nothing. Lelouch, in his normal voice, added more to his sentence.

“What is it do you like about me?” Suzaku took a deep breath and boldly said, “Everything. Your eyes, your hair, and your body. I feel no need to rely on a woman for personal needs.”

Lelouch was stunned. “Well, aren’t we temperamental?” he chuckled.

Music could be heard from inside the pub. Moriah Carrey’s popular song, Touch My Body was the song that was playing. Of all songs…

Suzaku slapped Lelouch. That ugly hat fell off the top of Lelouch’s head from the force of the slap. Suzaku withdrew a syringe from his pocket and injected Lelouch with a date rape drug.


Lelouch woke up in a soft bed decorated with silky red sheets and satin feather pillows. He had been stripped of his clothing. He sat up and looked around. The room was dark and there was only one window on the right side of the room. A door creaked open. Suzaku entered the room. Lelouch, feeling bewildered, hid under the covers. Suzaku went to the bed and threw the covers over. Lelouch’s birthday suit was in clear view.

“What the F*** is going on? Get me the hell out of here!” he shouted.

“Don’t be so demanding.” Scoffed Suzaku.

Suzaku made his way into the bed. Lelouch tried to run away but his hands were chained to the iron bars of the headboard. Suzaku licked every corner of Lelouch. He moved between his legs and…


That night Lelouch was dropped off by the mall called Macy’s. His arms and legs were tied. To make it seem like he was never harmed, his hair, body and the emperor outfit were returned to its state of cleanliness. But something was strange about Lelouch now. A crowd gathered under the moonlight. One man untied Lelouch and gave him a ride to Cern Castle. When Lelouch arrived at his home, Cern Castle, It was in the middle of the night and everyone was asking eachother why Lelouch left for so long. Euphemia, Shirley and Milly, the loyal babysitters, were walking to Euphemia’s mother’s house and they happened to find Suzaku in an alley. The same alley that was the back entrance of the pub.

“Euphemia, Shirley, Milly” He called weakly. The two walked over to him. he was clutching his stomach and his left eye was black. “Euphemia, Shirley, Milly” He called weakly. The two walked over to him, their eyes showing their concern.
“What happened to you?” asked the alarmed girls simultaneously. What did happen? At the end of Suzaku and Lelouch’s intercourse Lelouch put up a fuss when Suzaku tried to clean him up.

“Can you keep a secret?” asked Suzaku. The girls nodded, wondering what secrets he held.


The next day Nina was standing in front of the Cern Castle entrance. The plan Suzaku thought of was smart enough to keep his secret safe. Inside the castle Lelouch opened his bedroom door and saw Milly. “Where is Suzaku?” he asked. Milly hesitated but hastily responded, “he went to Burger King! No…Uh, White Castle! He went to White Castle to see his friends Harold and Kumar!”

Suzaku was actually at the small, one bedroom house. The symptoms of Lloyd’s experiment, Suricatta, were the warning signs. After he dropped Lelouch off by Macy’s, Suzaku had made an emergency stop. That resulted in his new children.

He was escorting his children out of the burrow and away from Whiskers territory. Shirley was standing guard and Euphemia was searching the streets for a new temporary home for the children until they were old enough to return to their home at the castle. Milly tried her hardest to stall Lelouch. “Where is Suzaku?” he asked her in a more demanding tone. “uh…he’s in Bikini Bottom!” joked Milly.

After 6 minuets of no answers to his main question, Lelouch pushed her aside but Milly jumped in front of him. “uh…there are termites all over him! I wouldn’t get too close.” she lied. She could stop because Lelouch didn’t believe her from the get go. So she did the unthinkable. She bit him! She would get evicted from the castle for sure. A fight broke out between the two just that fast. Milly bit Lelouch on his left leg. He couldn’t hit a lady. But he couldn’t help it. He threw milly into a tree. Her leg broke in the process. She staggers to her feet and ran towards him. Lloyd was watching the fight. He decided to break it up. So he threw himself in front of Milly.

‘Damn you Lloyd! Stay out of this!’

Lelouch ran for the castle gate. Once he was out of castle boundaries he ran to the forest where the little house was located. Milly called Suzaku on her cell phone.

“Suzaku! Run! He’s coming!” she panted. He only got two out of the three children out. He gave the second one to Shirley and ran back into the house to get the last one. Euphemia sent Shirley a map of the new house location via cell phone. Milly was too injured to intervene in all the action and Lelouch was coming fast!

Suzaku exited the house with the third child but was caught by Lelouch. Suzaku’s heart skipped a beat. Lelouch, in a fuming tone, said, “You’ll PAY!”

“Please, Lelouch. I didn’t know what came over me.” Said Suzaku in his serious voice.


Loyal babysitter C.C. loved drama. She didn’t even care to stop the fight. Suzaku told Lelouch why he raped him and how loyal he is to Lelouch. Lelouch didn’t buy it.

“Instinct and love is more powerful. Too powerful for you mind!” said Lelouch.

So to say, Lelouch was on Suzaku’s case…with so little members for the imperial family some children had to be killed while the other survived. Lelouch planned to run Suzaku away. Lelouch wanted the person who traumatized him out of his life. Lelouch withdrew his sword and ran towards Suzaku.

He lifted it high! Euphemia came back and saw the whole crime.

She ran towards Suzaku and saw the blood of the five year old child all over Lelouch.

‘Why brother? Why? Is it retribution you seek? Why did you come back evil?’

“Lets make a run for It.” whispered Euphemia to Suzaku. The two ran off. Lelouch chased them, hoping to run them out of the city. Shirley and the bruised Milly were waiting for Suzaku and Euphie at the new house. Suzaku and Euphemia had no clue Lelouch was following behind. When they arrived at the house Lelouch’s suspicion rose up even higher. Milly and Shirley gasped when they saw a bloodstained Lelouch behind Suzaku and Euphie.

“Suzaku! Get the Kids!” hollered Shirley.

So while Milly and Shirley had Lelouch occupied in fight, Suzaku and Euphemia ran into the house. Lelouch is now regretting that he skipped remedial gym class. He reached for his iPhone and pressed the emergency call button which was detected by Lelouch’s Secret Service (The Student Council). They ran to Lelouch’s aid. Suzaku and Euphemia took the children out of the house. Shirley and Milly were fighting for their lives against their friends.

Lelouch was free of the fight and glared at Suzaku. Suzaku and Euphemia backed away slowly and ran for the back exit of the house. Lelouch followed them closely behind, not caring to run. Euphemia made her way into the kitchen and grabbed a hatchet. She walked out, ready to threaten Lelouch but he pounced on her and threw her against the wall. A young child, preferably Suzaku’s, stared at Lelouch. Lelouch stared back at him. a scream sounded the golden halls.

Suzaku had reached the back door of the house and kept on running. The tears in his eyes formed into crystals of pure sadness. Suzaku found an empty shed and placed the last child safely inside. He decided to fight Lelouch…but Lloyd was to blame. If it wasn’t for Suricatta, the chase would never have happened. Lelouch and Suzaku faced off with swords in their hands…

Lelouch ran for Suzaku. Suzaku stepped out of the way as lulu fell into his trap!


“The cause for Lelouch’s actions was Suricatta.” Explained Lloyd to Suzaku. Suzaku glanced over at Lelouch, whom was being contained in a Cryro Tube. Euphemia, Milly and Shirley were temporarily evicted from the castle. Suzaku’s last child, Juno, had been spared.

Suzaku walked outside in the dead of the coming night and made his way to the little house. He sat on the top step and silently let his tears flow. His heart shattered by cruelty. He had gone too far with love. As the sun set on the Chicago metropolitan area a lone figure stood at the threshold of a little house.

“I’ll never stop loving you.” Suzaku whispered.


I know this may seem like a terrible story but i had fun writing it. In this story all the events will lead up to one big bang! and the story is Yaoi…somewhat…PLEASE review. Its a better story now.

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