Code Geass – The Next Generation – Episode 2

Episode 2 – The Crime of Suzaku

Code Geass: The Next Generation

Episode Two

I do not own Code Geass and its characters. Code Geass belongs to Sunrise and CLAMP.

Episode 2 – The Crime of Suzaku


After the aftermath of last week Lelouch decided to let the Suzaku back into the family castle. But Lelouch couldn’t see Suzaku’s true persona. A mad man lied deep within Suzaku. He wanted pure and evil revenge. But Lelouch’s kindness almost made Suzaku drop all his hatred towards the Britannian boy and reconcile with him.

But Suzaku couldn’t forget what Lelouch had done to his children.

Everyone in the castle were preparing for a trip to a fast food resturaunt. C.C. and Kallen were arguing about where to go.

“I SAY PIZZA HUT!” Shouted C.C. angrily.

“Well, I say Mc Donalds!” Shouted Kallen.

Lelouch stepped in to decide for them.

“Maybe we can go to Baker’s Square.” He suggested.

Kallen and C.C. stared at him. Then they agreed.

“Your wives argue so much.” said a Guard to Lelouch.

“It’s hard to handle them.” laughed Lelouch.

“What about the black girl, um, the Empress?” asked the guard. “Is she still sick?”

“No. She’s doing much better now.” said Lelouch.

“I’ve made the reservations!” said Nina. “A restaurant for 200.”

And with that, everyone except the guards left for an evening trip to Baker’s Square. Suzaku, expecting another set, decided to stay behind with the cripple girl, Nunnaly. When Shirley, the last one to leave, was no longer in eyesight, Suzaku put his plan into motion. He wanted his offspring to have a happy life So he was going to kill Lelouch’s 7 children. He walked over to Nunnaly and hastily tied a blindfold around her face. There was no need for it because she was blind. But what if she suddenly opened her eyes?

“Who’s there?” she asked wearily.

The tone of her voice hinted that she was very sleepy. Without a word, he slashed her across her face to make it look like someone had beaten her. The poor girl cried out as Suzaku slashed her in various places with a knife.

“Who’s there?” she cried over and over. Suzaku slashed her one final time. This time across the face! He put a towel in her mouth to stop her cries from being heard. She started crying. He made his way into the babysitting room. Inside he silently eliminated the youngest ones of Lelouch’s children. All seven of them! He then turned his attention to Lupin and Nougat, Lelouch’s first two children. He knew he had to kill them as well.

But he liked the two children. He was very fond of them and they were very fond of him. Lupin always referred to Suzaku as ‘Uncle’! it was cute. Instead of killing them he planned to brutally injure them. First he attacked Nougat. Nougat was peacefully sleeping in a bed. Soundly dreaming of ponies and bees. She looked like a reflection a Nakaya, which bothered Suzaku.

He injected her with anesthesia and broke one of her legs and tore off her right arm. And once she was through with he moved on to Lupin. Thing is, Lupin, the oldest of Lelouch’s kids, was awake and occupied in his Nintendo DS. He looked up at Suzaku. His pupils shrunk at the sight of the blood on his shirt.

“Un…Uncle Suzaku…what were you doing?” asked the little boy. Suzaku, whose heart was filled with hatred, glared at Lupin with eyes of resentment. He withdrew a gun and pointed it at the boy. The child’s cries of help could not be heard from the soundproof doors of his room.


Nunnaly, whom was doing nothing but crying, questioned the meaning of Love. For the sake of his own children, Suzaku murdered Lelouch’s children and framed Nunnaly for it! He crept over to her and put Nougat’s arm in her lap and took the blindfold off of her. Nunnaly, paying too much attention to her pain, didn’t notice what Suzaku just did. Dusk roused the nighttime sky.

Everyone came back from the food trip. Lelouch was happy and humming “Oh, Susanna!” when they were near the end of the song Lloyd and Cecile sung aloud the last part of the song.

“…And in the cold winter night when you feel snug and tight,

Don’t you forget to dream of me!”

Suzaku wanted to laugh at their incompetence. Suzaku looked over at Lelouch. He was feeling so anticipated. He watched his every move.

“Where have you been?” asked Kallen.

Suzaku took his eyes off Lelouch to see Kallen looking at him questionably.

“I was at CiCi’s Pizzeria. I was picking up a cheese pizza for Kaguya.” Said Suzaku.

“Oh, where is Kaguya?” asked Kallen.

Lelouch entered the castle. Suzaku’s adrenaline was rising very fast. He broke out into a laugh. He wanted to hear Lelouch’s mournful cries. Lelouch inspected every room in the palace and found nothing! However he did see a trail of ruby red blood.

Horrified and worried to his heart’s content he followed the trail. At the end of it was

A head. It was a head that belonged to one of his children! An image of seeing his half Mother Marianne’s dead and bloodstained body atop Nunnaly flashed in his head.

“NOOOO!” he screamed in misery. His scream was heard in every region of the castle. Outside everyone gasped and wondered what had happened. They turned their attention towards the front door of the castle. Lelouch’s very own children, killed by Suzaku!

Lelouch came out of the castle with tears in his sad, purple eyes. Lelouch paid dearly for his kindness. Under the nighttime sky Lelouch sat next to Suzaku and silently cried the night away.


The next day Nunnaly was sleeping in the same spot and Shirley organized an investigation in the heinous murder of Lelouch’s children. Suzaku walked over to Nunnaly and said, “Are you hungry?” she shook her head. She couldn’t speak. She was actually starving but she didn’t want to do anything or have someone do something for her at the moment.

Suzaku stepped back a few feet as Milly and the others came to interrogate Nunnaly.

Milly stood over her and stated talking. “Nunnaly Lamperouge. The so-called cheerful sister of Lelouch! Were you or were you not here when we went out to eat?” Nunnaly meekly responded,

“Yes. Miss Milly.”

Milly became more serious. She pointed at Nunnaly and shouted, “Then you were the murderer of Lupin, Nougat, Chuckie, Kayla, Bob and Hermione!” Nunnaly gasped and said, “No! It wasn’t me! Did you talk to Suzaku?”

Milly raised one eyebrow and said, “Do you assume that Suzaku did it? Nice try but we’ve interrogated him this morning. He said he saw you crawl into the Babysitting Room. Of course your pragmatist persona makes you look unawares!”

Nunnaly stood up, legs shaking, and said, “I would never hurt my brother’s children.”

Nina saw the arm on the ground beside Nunnaly. She shook Milly’s shoulder and pointed to the arm. Milly was surprised. She picked up the arm and said, “oh? What’s this? The arm of a baby?”

Shirley gasped. “The bracelet on the wrist of the arm, I gave that to Nougat!” she said in a horrified tone. Suzaku watched as the group surrounded Nunnaly. “You devious White Witch!” snarled Kallen. Nunnaly’s heart was racing as more people surrounded her. “What is going on here?” asked Lelouch imperiously from behind the crowd.

They all looked back. Milly stepped forwards and said, “Nunnaly killed you kids. We’ve got the evidence. There’s blood around her mouth and we found Nougat’s arm beside her.” Lelouch froze. His body felt like it went through a major shutdown and the whole world was melting like an ice cream in the blazing sun.

Rivalz took Nunnaly by the arm and whispered in her ear, “I know you are innocent. I’ll help clear your name. don’t worry.” Nunnaly looked at him and said, “But you have nothing to back up your defense. It’s inevitable that I’ll go to jail. If you say anything everyone will not believe you without actual proof.” Rivalz sneaked into the castle and looked around for some proof. A familiar scent came across his nose. White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor mixed with Georgio Armani cologne. He sniffed the walls for the scent. The only scent he could smell was Suzaku’s Georgio Armani Cologne.

As he sniffed farther down the wall he picked up Nunnaly’s perfume scent. He immediately stopped sniffing. If someone caught him doing that then they would sniff the wall and pick up her scent. It would be more evidence against Nunnaly.

He looked and looked and found nothing. He sat down and let out a big, exhausted sigh said, “I hope things don’t become worse for Nunnaly. I like her.”

Rivalz warmed up to the sweet Nunnaly. There was something about her he couldn’t resist.


The next day Nunnaly was cast out of the family. Suzaku, whom was still expecting, was more than happy that they fell for his trap. Everyone except Lelouch felt the day was normal. Normality wouldn’t cloud Lelouch’s mind. Nina walked over to him.

“Don’t be down in the dumps. Everything points to her.” She said.

Lelouch scoffed at Nina’s accusation towards Nunnaly.

“Isn’t it strange?” he wondered. Nina looked at him with a confused expression. He continued on, “…How everything points to her? Things like that can only happen in framed cases.” Nina denied this. “Not really.” Lelouch started to wonder about Suzaku. ‘could he have done this to safeguard his own children? After what I did to him I’m sure that’s it.’

Lelouch walked over to his crying sister. He picked her up like he always used to and took her back into the castle but before he could reach the inside Milly caught sight him!

“Bringing the criminal inside? Keep her away from my kids!” growled Milly.

An argument between Lelouch and Milly broke out. He denies his sister would ever do anything to hurt him but Milly stated otherwise.

“How could she do anything? She can’t walk!” he shouted.

“Suzaku said he saw her crawl into the Castle.” Said Milly.

“I’m pretty sure they would’ve ran away from her if she tried to kill them!” stated Lelouch.

“How can they do that if they were asleep the whole time? Suzaku said he put them to sleep before the murder happened!” shouted Milly.

“Where was he in all of this? He should have been there to protect them!” Lelouch shouted.

“He said he was asleep! He said he knew he could trust Nunnaly to watch his back!” said Milly.

In a furious tone Lelouch shouted louder than ever, “BUT NUNNALY IS BLIND!”

“But she regained her eyesight last week, after you evicted Stacy and killed yourself.” Said the ever so quaint Nina.

Euphemia noticed the small cuts on Nunnaly’s body. “Hey! Nunnaly has cuts all over her! It seems like some one was fighting her.” Everyone rushed over to Nunnaly like as if they were the popparatzi and they gasped and exclaimed at the small cuts. “It seems like the poor children fought for their lives.” Said Milly in a saddened tone.

“SHUT UP!” hollered Lelouch. Everyone turned their heads towards him. “What ever do you mean, boy?” asked Lloyd. Suzaku loved the drama. Plus he wasn’t even apart of it. He looked on as he ate a bag full of popcorn.

Lelouch said under his breath, “I have proof that Nunnaly didn’t kill my kids.” he looked up at the trees and said, “Come on out…C2 and Nakaya.”

Loyal babysitter C.C. (sometimes pronounced as C2) and Lelouch’s empress Nakaya played the role of hidden bystanders. Suzaku’s pupils shrunk. Had he been found out? “This convoluted fight will cease now.” Said Lelouch.

The two girls opened their mouths and said, “We saw Suzaku enter the castle!” everyone gasped and looked at Suzaku, whom was standing by a tree. They all had I-can’t-believe-it expressions. The agony the children had went through and the lies that plagued Nunnaly are now revealed.

But it wasn’t time for a fight. Suzaku’s child was coming fast. He dropped to his knees and said, “No…not now.”

Shirley, not wanting to see another painful fight break out, stepped in front of Lelouch and said, “Lelouch, why can’t you be more like Rose? She let pregnant subordinates stay in the family. What you did to Suzaku’s first lot of children made him not want to trust and be around you anymore. That is why he did this. Lelouch, ask yourself…what would Rose do?”

Suzaku began to cry. “Lupin and Nougat are hidden in the janitor closet.” He said. He slowly walked over to the nearest forest. He was disapointed and worried about what would become of him.

Instead of inflicting his anger on Suzaku, Lelouch decided to do away with Suzaku’s soon-coming child. Was he not been listening to Shirley? Had the power of vendetta taken control of his mind?

Only Nougat and Lupin survived Suzaku’s killing spree. Lelouch decided to keep Suzaku in the castle, but he made sure Kallen would watch Suzaku’s every move.

Lloyd took Suzaku into the hospital room. Lloyd blames himself for the drama that enused in the family. Euphemia entered the room and walked over to the crying Suzaku.

“I’ll be their babysitter.” She said in a caring tone.

Suzaku smiled at her. Even though Euphiemia wasn’t their mother, she would care for Suzaku’s children and devote all her time into protecting them. And so she was their sole babysitter and treated them like as if they were her own. Nunnaly became afraid of Suzaku and went back to her struggling splinter group, ‘The Aztecs’. The day closed with a seemingly happy end. The crime and scandal of Suzaku Kururugi will be recorded in Whiskers family history as the craziest crime ever.



I thought of this wild story while watching Meerkat Manor. I felt bad for Rocket Dog when what’shername killed Rocket Dog’s pups. In The next two episodes Nunnaly will become jealous of Lelouch.

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