Proxy lover – a Grandmother’s choice

Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy

Okay, I was at the library with my grandmother. We were picking out movies. Guess what she picked out. Ergo Proxy.
“I heard of this.” I said, surprised.
I was a bit weary of checking it out because Anime is known to be unpredictable. I checked it out anyways. I constantly told her “if anything weird happens, remember, you picked it. As we watched it, it grew on me. Then the alien hand-kissed Re-L.
“What?” she said.
My heart was pounding. A few minutes later all was well. She fell asleep at the last episode on the DVD. When it ended I wanted more. So, we got volume two and she understood it well.
Great choice! I taught you (about anime) well. We are currently watching these Animes:

Death Note
Trinity Blood
Code Geass(was on TV)

Now that I think about it, our Anime watching days started with code Geass R2 and AIR movie. I think she really enjoys Code Geass R2.
Now, here’s the review:

Ergo Proxy is just what I’ve been waiting for. An anime with a dark and depressing theme and outstanding aliens. I’m still in the beggining of the series, but so far I am still wondering who and what Proxy is. I know the character Daedalus said the Proxy aliens are gods, But I’m still a little lost. I am now an Ergo Proxy otaku and am currently scouting the ‘Net for Ergo Proxy artbooks.

Re-L is a great character and her moody and agressive attitude make her a spectacular character, she reminds me of one of the ladies from CSI, Law and Order, cold Case and Fringe. The animation is excellent. I’m not a big fan of CGI, but they did do their best. The character designs are excellent as well. Proxy is the most odd-looking alien I’ve ever seen.

The music . . . The second anime to use alternative music (the first is Gunslinger Girl). The opening theme is spectacular and depressing. It reminds me of Green Day and James Blunt. Best of all, it’s in english. The opening animation is beautiful and looks like a wallpaper. I’m sensing an adobe photoshop theme. The ending theme, however, was a little less pleasing. It sounds like a desert theme. I didn’t pay that much attention to the BGM, but from what I heard on the main menu, it’s excellent science fiction music.

Did I miss something? Oh, the storyline. I’m slowly picking up on it. Ugh, this may be a long show. It’s very understandable. SPOILER: Okay, here’s what I remember, from where I left off at, Re-L tried to save Vincent yet he ended up saving her. Now he and Pino are going to his birthplace. But for what? What are they looking for? I also get that the people of Romdo are not fully humans. Re-L is human and Vincent is too, that is why Proxy is stalking them. That last sentence was a speculation.

I’ve seen newer episodes. The Game Show episode is like something out of Spongebob. well, the comedy is similar. The episode “Busy doing nothing” seems to have strengthen the non-relationship between Vincent and Re-L. I like the fact that Ergo Proxy looks like a hero/villan. Iggy’s death was rather depressing. Did I say I love how ergo proxy looks? He looks more human/alien.


Overall, ergo Proxy recieves a 10/10. I am now officialy a fan of Cyber Punk and Steam Punk. kudos!!

Now, here’s the how popular. If I were to put Ergo Proxy against Code Geass R2, Ergo Proxy would win. If I were to put Ergo Proxy against Gunslinger Girl, Ergo Proxy would win. If I were to put Ergo Proxy against Aliens or Death Note, It would lose! XD.


  1. randomblogcrawler · · Reply

    I’ve been meaning to watch this series, and with all of the great reviews its received, I guess I should do so. Anyway, I liked your review, which is why I’m leaving a comment and I think its unbelievably cool that your grandma actually watches it with you.

    btw, Serial Expirements Lain used bôa’s Duvet as an alternative OP theme and that came out in 1998, way before Gunslinger Girl and Ergo Proxy. 🙂

  2. when i was younger, i always love the tune of alternative music compared to pop music “‘`

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