Perfect Dark remake on XBox 360

Two Player mode

Two Player mode

The Skedar aren't adorable anymore :(

The Skedar aren't adorable anymore 😦

Okay. i just finished Perfect Dark. I unlocked all special missions and the two cheats i crave the most, All Guns in Solo and Ulimited Ammo, No Reloads. Now I found out what I just did is now crap. I’m so freakin’ angry yet very happy. Happy because Perfect Dark is coming to X-Box 360. Angry because I have to play the new version (which I suspect is soooo better than the first telling from the sceenshots) and unlock the special missions and cheats. Do you know how hard that is? That game is unreasonably hard. I’ll name the hardest levels on Perfect Agent:

Attack Ship
Carrington institute (Oh, this really made my head hurt)
Pelagic II (Took me twenty-three minutes to finish)
Area 51: escape (i had only one problem)

But you know what I said to myself. Get over it. When I replayed a few levels on PA, I realized it was cake. The easiest levels, I’d say, are the begging parts from dataDyne level one to Deep Sea. Actually, Deep Sea on PA freaks the mess out of me. Actually, the whole game scares me (Only some levels). Pelagic II is easy on PA IF you know what you are doing. For newcommers to the world of Perfect Dark(and there aren’t that many), go to youtube and watch speedrun and gameplay videos. They’re your best friend, solution and possibly a cheat. I never would have finished the game if it wasn’t for Youtube and the speedrunners of the world.
Also, a thank you to the Speedrun Wiki. Without your speedrun guide, I wouldn’t be playing War!
Only two levels remain unfinished. WAR on PA and SA and Mian SOS on PA. I may never finish Mian SOS.

Hopefully this version will be less challenging, but then again, it’s highly unlikely. Another note, the Skedar don’t look cute in the new version. They look more… Alien and ugly.

A downside is that I don’t have XBox 360 and Internet access. I only have a PS3 and Resistance(extremely challenging). Overall, I am so happy to hear about this new version but sad because I don’t have an Xbox 360. Now, if Goldeneye was coming to Xbox 360, I’d roll over and die. i hardly have any memories of that game and would love to play it again. By the way, I’m a gamefreak and still haven’t played Gears of War, Fallout, Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Assain’s Creed.

Until then, I will be playing Perfect Dark on N64 and I will go over all the levels I had a hard time completing to better my skills. Good day and Big balls.

Almost forgot! for screenshots of this new and updated version, go here:

Um…I posted this here ’cause I forgot where I found it:

I think it is fake

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