Pern VS Temeraire (Is Temeraire another Gunslinger Girl?)

Its so close, but I believe Pern is more popular with it having so many books, but the nine book series Temeraire is coming up FAST!!


Temeraire Over The Carribean

Anyways, I’ve been researching a beautiful book series called ‘Dragonriders of Pern’. What I like about it is that it is extensive, spanning 18 books and counting.
But challenging Pern’s very existence is not Thread. Its a new Dragon series called ‘Temeraire’ that, judging from the cover art, seems to deliver.

But I havent read neither of the books. I want to know what you think. Is Temeraire challenging Pern? Am I just bored and will post anything? No. But both of these books have a movie pending (but Temeraire has a mini series, not a movie). I will be looking forward to seeing Dragons ride high and kicking Thread or Napoleon-ish ASS!

update, just read the first chapter online and a few reviews I’m starting to think that with all the talk of Handlers, Temeraire seems to have a few unintentional quirks from Gunslinger Girl. Lawrence and Temeraire remind me of Jose and Henrietta (minus the part of Henrietta strongly liking Jose), and in a review someone said one Dragon was being treated like ‘a disposable vehicle’ or something like that. Dosn’t that sound like Lauro dissing (more like hate) Elsa?
But this isn’t Dragons fighting against Padania, no no no. Its Dragons VS Napoleon. Hmmm….I like it! I especially like the Omnibus edition. Long books are my specialty besides Wild Berry Pop Tarts.


  1. I picked up the Pern series, starting with Dragonflight, in middle school. I haven’t stopped reading nearly nine years later, into my junior college year. I have read every single Pern novel on the market — including the ones by McCaffrey’s son, Todd, and loved every moment. I even have one paperback — the first Dragonflight I bought — that has tattered into three separate pieces because I’ve reread it over twenty times. The series is fabulous, and I haven’t even bothered to read anything else about dragons because I know it can’t deliver. I even love McCaffrey’s style so much I’ve continued reading her works, and forty volumes later, I still can’t get enough.

    Just noticed this was posted some time ago, but I hope you’ll appreciate the feedback nevertheless.

    1. I enjoy your feedback! In fact, I love it! But you should try Temeraire. The book’s style in English makes it’s theme (19th century) seem real! The story’s characters makes it work very well! It’s another milestone in dragon books, just like Pern. Please read this Temeraire excerpt, and reply after you’ve read it. Please try it, you won’t be disappointed!

      1. I have no doubt it’s a good book in it’s own right, but when I look for Dragon novels, I’m not looking for 19th-century dragons fighting Napoleon. It just doesn’t tickle my fancy. That’s more fantasy-dragon novel, whereas Pern is a sci-fi dragon novel — considering the dragons were genetically engineered to defend Pern.

  2. I have read both and like both.

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