So cool…why not make it happen?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could play N64 Perfect Dark or Yoshi Story on iPad, iPhone and iPod or even better, ExoPC? Or even better, Nintendo DSi or that new Nintendo 3DS (coming 2011 with 3D stuff without the glasses)? People have aleeady made it possible to play these games on their computers. Their next mission is to bring games like those to our portable devices. Then, PS2 games on our devices. A cool thought. Playing Stitch or 3DO’s Starfighter on DSi XL? (may be impossible on iPod…because of controls) Those companies (like Rare) can make it possible. A cool thought, right? To me it feels that N64 games on DSi or ExoPC is not unreachable…as for PS2 games on iPod or ExoPC? Yeah…that may be unreachable.

please comment!!

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