Stragglers Coming to IL in 2011

I’ve just read that 17 year cicadas are coming early…as stragglers (early emergers)


I want to know if this is true. I heard of it from a website that I entered when I was searching for Cicada season 2010 in Illinois.
If they are truly coming back then this is my time to redeem myself with them. In 2007 I LOVED them and found them to be quite sexy but I had to set them free. I’m not sure if it was male and female but one climbed atop the other so I assmed them to be M/F but Cicadas do not mate like that. They have strange positions.
Anyway…I hope this is true. I hope they are coming out all over IL.


  1. Hi,

    You shouldn’t see stragglers in the Chicago area, but a few should appear in Southern IL for Brood XIX, which emerges full force next year, but only in southern IL. Same thing with Brood XXIII, but that emerges in 2015. Both of these are 13 year cicadas (look the same, and basically behave the same).

    Also in IL, but not near Chicago, some Brood III stragglers might emerge. 4 years early.

    1. 😦 I am not in the south. Maybe I’ll get lucky and see one but I highly doubt that. It is such a long wait…thank you for the information.

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