FlashForward cancelled and V saved!? WTF?

This made me so f**ing angry. FlashForward gave me reason to look forward to watching ABC7. V was one of my least favorites and I’m sure it is nothing but fans of the original watching this, that is why it is still on. FlashForward is twice as good as V, in fact it is better. The reason was a ‘Sophie’s Choice’, said whoever-runs-ABC7, and that V had more ratings.

Excuses. Excuses.

Excuse or not, FlashForward has a more chilling story and better cast. I really enjoyed the episode where (SPOLIER) Mark saved his partner, Noh. The ending was especially chilling. When the map was washed away I felt deeply terrible for them because they lost their only break in the Mosaic case.(SPOLER OVER)

I feel bad for FF.

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