Prototype Fanfic preview

This fic is 1 1/2 years old. My writing has greatly improved since then and I am no longer working on this fan fic. note: the girl is black. fan fic preview below:

He wanted to know everything she knew, so he grabbed her by the neck and stood, ready to reap. She smiled evilly at the death that would await her. With strong force he pounded his left hand through her chest, aquired her DNA and fused everything of her into him with the power of consume and took on her disguise. Instantly he saw into her memories….

“Did you see that?! She overpowered the Test Subject 1! If we let this continue she’ll kill her!”
“stop the process! Sosta! Sosta!”
“she’s not responding!”

“Oh my god! That woman is taking on another form!”

“the only thing stopping her from becoming fully operational is her heart. We must work towards new genetics for the girl.”
“I’d prefer we ask the Main Branch for DNA and genetic samples from subject #0314-098-5443, whom they call ZEUS.”
“That guy? Do you know what we’d be creating if we do that to her? She’ll end up like him–uncontrollable–or worse. She’ll run when she takes the chance and the Americans will blame us and take the project from us.”
“But they DO NOT know about Paper Pulp, nor will they ever if she leaves Mercer alive. If we modify her with his genetics she can overcome Mercer. Now FIX IT, Doctor!”
“But sir–”
“That’s an order!! Do not test me, Mr. Myer.”

Alex felt a sudden pain, a strong ripping sensation that felt it had torn him apart.
“Damn it!”
Amazingly she “fell” out of his body and he realized she had not been consumed.
“you see, Mercer…” she said in his mind.
“There are ten others in the Project Alpha-Queen at GENERATION ITALIA. I’m not Italian, I was just a tourist whom was caught.” she said, and continued on, “my husband is Italian and they caught him. He’s beyond my love and control. I need YOU Alex, to complete me.” she said.
He pinned her again and pressed his hand against her neck, just a little more and she would be unable to breath. She didn’t dare fight him or struggle.
“Why do you need me?” he asked.
“Why do you need me?” she asked.
“Don’t toy with me!” he raised his fist, ready to kill her if he needed.
“Don’t toy with me.” she smiled as her purple eyes lit up.
He felt all movement in his body disappear and with her mind and purple eyes she was able to render him powerless. Alex struggled under the weight of her power. She stood up and circled him like a black panther waiting to capture it’s prey.
“I have watched you for days Alex. Ever since your day at Penn Station. I knew from the start that you could help me.”
She knealt in front of him, made a hand gesture to make him look at her, and she came in for a soft and almost favorable kiss. He tried to pull away but against all restraint she overpowered him. When she stood he watched helplessly as she began to morph. Everything about her body, from mass to DNA, began to change as she became him, she had consumed him without killing him.
“AAAHHH!” a strong and powerful electric sensation had striken him out of the blue and he realized he had his hands on his head. She had released him but worst of all she had become him and had taken his powers…or so it seemed.
“Kiss consume.” she said, “it’s a new update to the Blacklight virus. And I am no Runner. I am an Alpha-Queen, the first successful bioterrorism weapon. The first out of many failed experiments, including you, Alex Mercer, and her, Elizabeth Greene.”



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