Romantic-and-or-nice Songs for Lovers Trying to Build a Sensual Mood

A bit unfinished, this is a list of songs in my collection that will help get lovers in the mood. I tested this on myself. Please comment and like.

Fur Elise, Adagio Sostenuto, Minuet. Those are THE BEST Beethoven songs for creating a sexual mood…I guess. Fur Elise and Adagio Sostenuto are piano songs and we all know (or maybe I know) that piano songs win the heart for their quietness and tending to be sensual.

Gabriel Faure
Sicilienne. Try to find this song that oes not have a loud orchestra and be sure it has the flute. It is nothing without the flute.

J.S. Bach
Siciliano. Remember: Flute, calm orchestra. Flute, calm orchestra. But if you can find a beautiful and soft guitar arrangement of this song then you pretty much hit the jackpot. I love J.S. Bach and Siciliano. Its the only one of his songs I’ve heard.

Gretchen Lieberum – You Closer
I REALLY love the calming effect of this song. Very pretty, quiet and lovely jazzy tune. Gretchen Lieberum really shines in this song. No loud vocals, no loud instruments to kill your speakers. If it does not get you in the mood then try listening with earphones.

Ali Project – Noctornal
Off their album Grand Finale. It is a VERY sensual song to get you in the mood. Let her voice soothe you. The list will be going from this group so I will say ‘the song is on her album’ because Arika Takarano, lead singer of the Ali Project duo, sings everything. Mikiya Katakura makes the music.Other singers/bands are on the list too! But ALI PROJECT makes the most sensual music by far although some of their songs are not-so sensual. Sorry if song titles confuse you but do not pass these up!

Sayo Nakadori (Nightingale)
A very dreamy tune that will put you asleep. Recommended after the mating is on her album DALI

Gekkouyoku (Bathed in Moonlight)
A song worth listening to when star gazing or sitting alone. It’s a nice little song about the moon. Language should not be a barrier.

Gekkouya (Moonlit Night)
A very nice slow-paced techno-ish song that tugs you on the arm and asks you to fall into a sensual riverbed. The singer’s vocals may be in another language, but don’t let that stop you. In ALL her songs she sings about love. It is on her album Noblerot.

Yami no Tsubasa de Subete wo Tsutsumu Yoru no Tame no Aria (Aria For the Night When Everything is Wrapped With the Wing of the Darkness)

Yes, a very long title for a very beautiful song that utilizes (is that the right word?) the classical orchestra to it’s advantage. In other words it is a very sensual and slow-paced song that will make your romantic session feel like heaven. Have this song on replay. The song is on her album Aristocracy.

Platanus no Hamatsu ni Kaze wa Nemuru
An instrumental by Mikiya Katakura (could a translation of his name be Michael or Mickey?). His piano songs are the stuff of legends. This song is great for a role-playing session, maybe ‘cop girl and her captured male prisoner’. L O L . If you take a listen before you dive into the fromantic session you can decide what to use it for. I prefer using it during the session.

from the album EROTIC&HERETIC. Very nice orchestra that hits the spot, before, during and after sex. Lolita in the Garret, a song off the same album can be used when you’re having a drink with your lover and the two of you are getting cozy. You decide what to use it for.

Gekkou Shikoushou (Moonlight Intoxication)
I recommend almost all songs on this album. Track 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Track 2, Akai Suiren no Gogo: A VERY sweet song that I can’t get enough of. It never tires me. The orchestra is so romantic.

Track 3, Platonic: A very cute early morning theme that will make you and your lover wish to stay in bed all day. The violins and cellos and other plucky stuff make the song perfect to play during a busy morning if you have kids but they may be into the ‘music that everyone else likes’ so get used to it when someone says “what are you listening to/what’s this?’. Overall Platonic is a nice tune to rev you up.

Track 4, Narcisse Noir: If you like tragic tunes with tragic orchestral melodies, this is for you, especially if you are in the car at night and/or running away.

Track 8, Seigetsuya/Hoshizukiyo: It’s title may or may not be ‘Hoshizukiyo’, that is why I put the slash ( / ). Anyway, Hoshizukiyo, similar in sound to Narcisse Noir, is a tragic tune with a tragic orchestral arrangement but is very beautiful.

Track 9, Kyogetsutei de Aimashou: The most mysterious and strangely beautiful song on the album. It’s not tragic and the singer’s vocals can spike a lot (not opera-singer loud), creating a very good sensual background.

Track 10, Feliciter: I can’t describe it. It is too awesome to describe. Okay, it is a song with a very fairytale-ish orchestra that is perfect for any occasion, whether sexual, gathering or anything else, it is that great.

The whole album, that’s why I listed the album titles. All songs on the album EXCEPT Diabolic Sequence and maybe Gensou Teien.


1.Etoiles (instrumental), Stars
2.薔薇色翠星歌劇団 (Barairo Suisei Kageki-dan, The Rose-Colored Emerald Opera)
3.Je te veux
4.春葬 (Shunsou, Spring Burial)
5.日曜日のシエスタ (Nichiyoubi no Siesta, Sunday Siesta)
6.Après Un Rêve (After a Dream)
8.わが恋は月光に散りぬ (Waga Koi wa Gekkou ni Chirinu, My Love Scatters in Moonlight)
9.Diabolic Sequence (instrumental)
10.青蛾月 (Seigagetsu, Moon of Green Planthoppers)
11.幻想庭園 (Gensou Teien, Fantastic Garden)

Like I said, the songs Diabolic Sequence and Gensou Teien can be skipped. And maybe Aoga Tsuki and Barairo.

Etoiles: A beautiful instrumental that is a tear-jerker. It might be too quite to use for a romantic session but it definetley suits.

Barairo Suisei Kageki Dan: An opera-ish song. The singer’s vocals spike a lot so if you are looking for the opera during your intimate session then this is for you, if you like high notes in your tea.

Je te Veux: The title is the same as it’s clone JE TE VEUX on the album Kamigami no Tasogare. Both of these songs are great but the most sensual out of ALL of Ali Project’s songs would be JE TE VEUX off the Kamigami album. That version is a piano-only that puts the ‘omph’ in omph and the ‘wow’ in sex. The Etoiles version, an orchestral song, is very nice as well.

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