Perry Rhodan english edition

Perry Rhodan english edition

sorry sorry I have not been on here like a responsible person. I’ve just read that people are having trouble subscribing to my rss. Please clarify the probles you have or make them clear so i can find out how to fix it. anyway, 6 months ago I stumbled upon Perry Rhodan and it has influenced my book greatly. my book is now a series of short stories published in a magazine format. Still unfinished but well on its way to becoming finish!

Perry Rhodan is a german pulp book series published weekly and has reached 2,500 books (its 64 pages a book written by a team of writers). I have done research on the pulp book and its fascinating! I want to revive pulp and bring it back to mainstream publishing (but you’ll say thats what literary mags are for!).

I can be easily influenced by any form of literature publication and Perry Rhodan has made a big impact on my book series. Not only is the name alluring but so is the plot. Wikipedia it:


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    1. Thank you, forgot to tell you I joined as soon as I saw your comment

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