Resistance 3 and Halo Reach: A Journey

Resistance 3, TBR September 2011

Resistance Fall of Man was my first PS3 game and my first FPS that was not Perfect Dark. At the time Resistance was the sh**t! Well, for me it was. Then I fell into the world of Halo 2. My *friend* (whom I call Scotty cause he recently bought me Halo Reach) came over with an Xbox he got from his job and inside was Halo CE and Halo 2, the ultimate package for a Halo fan, which I wasn’t at the time. We played Halo 2 and at first it was fun. The moon-jumping, the Elites and Grunts (Grunts are the little alien dudes), the Weapons, and the levels! We played for two hours and I forgot how far we went. Then we played the Multiplayer, which was fun for a bit until he had to go. I never picked it up since.
On the Resistance side of things, it was also awesome and fun. My older sister bought a PS3 because someone dared her to, which in my opinion was the most beautiful dare ever. That night I was in older sister’s room (we’ll call her Nips, like the candy) and I hooked up the PS3 and first game i popped in was Motorstorm. It was great…for a while…and I got bored so I put in Resistance. It looked great! Until I started playing. I was so frustrated with the controls that I gave up and didn’t go back. Since then I spent my time playing Star Wars Clone Wars on my Xbox. Then I went back to Resistance because I had nothing to play. I went back to Nip’s room and tried my hardest to master the controls and soon it became second nature. I finished the whole game in 1 1/2 days. It had a fantastic story and great characters. Then i was whisked away into the world of Modern Warfare 2.
My brother came for a visit and Scotty rented Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, for us. When I played that game I was blown away. Who knew so much drama could be thrown into a game? Then, after five days it went back to the store. I never finished it because all my brother and I played was the multiplayer, which I admittedly sucked at. So one night Scotty and I played Halo 2 multiplayer, and it was THE BOMB! I never had so much fun playing Halo 2. That’s another reason why the multiplayer Snow level is my favorite from the game. After that I didn’t pick it up again.
Then came Xbox 360 and Resistance 2…..

The Xbox 360 invaded first. My first Xbox 360 game was Kung Fu Panda. Scotty bought it for my sister, not me. I had to buy my own 360 game, but we’ll cover that later. Kung Fu panda was the hardest crap ever until I mastered it in two days. Games for children are made harder and harder. My Sister couldn’t play it without asking for help every single minute. It was days of nothing to play and downloading demos. One day me and my Maw Maw (the one that likes anime) went to Target. I passed by the game section and there it was: Halo 3, with Master Chief on the cover.
(I always thought Master Chief was a girl until I found out it was Cortana)

I used my thirty dollars (which I was saving to buy Black Ops) to buy Halo 3, and I REGRET IT SO BADLY.
Every night when Scotty would come by at 12, he and I would play Halo 3 campaign. I admit the campaign was great but the shooting started to bore me. One night we played the most aggravating and long level ever… Cortana! I swear, that level was so god-awful long I hated it. And we kept getting lost in the maze of the Flood. But looking back now, I enjoyed playing the level with Scotty, although it caused our heads to hurt. Next night later we got to the last level, which was so EPIC it was almost impossible. Here is a quick overview: You drive a Warthog (a cool-looking car) across collapsing floorboards as the world is being destroyed beneath and in front of you. When I was playing I slightly felt bad for all the Flood dudes that were going to be incinerated by the Halo. I was so bad at driving that we crashed several times. The music was the best part of that level. Folk music mixed with a haunting chorus makes one kickass song! Not even all the Japanese music I listen to can compare to that one song (sorry Ali Project).
Scotty and i watched the ending and were shocked when master Chief died. A few days later I got a Halo 3 guide on my iPod and on the last page was “watch what comes after the credits.” So one day I played the last level alone, watched the credits and saw the shocking ending! I also watched the Legendary ending on YouTube and was shocked at how the game developers tied things up in the endings, opening a new Halo story.
Then I experienced Halo 3 on Xbox LIVE. It was better than playing the campaign (except the last level). So I fell into the endless pit of Friends Lists, Matchmaking and shoot ’em up or die. I also developed a fascination for the Elites (the aliens). Then I remembered my long lost love…Resistance.
One day, Scotty, Nips, Scotty’s girlfriend Latisha, my little Sis and I, all went to a mall in the city. We went into loads of stores. The only one I remember so clearly was Zales. Scotty wanted to buy a ring for his girlfriend Latisha. They were all so pretty and shiny and best of all, PRICEY. Then my little Sis (whom is named Grace) got tired, as did I. Grace, Nips and I went into Gamestop at my request. Lo and Behold! I was in heaven. I looked at everything, from glorious PS3 to glorious Xbox, then I feasted my eyes on the Resistance 2 Collector’s Edition. Never have I seen a box so beautiful, so sleek and black. I picked it up and felt my wallet cough ‘You’re broke”, so I turned to the next best thing…Nips.
“Can you buy this for me?”
But I was beaten to the punch. Grace saw how valuable Nips was and asked her to buy a game called “Disney’s Bolt”, which I wish she hadn’t done. That game was so hard for her she couldn’t play it. Grace started to give the kiddy-eyes and Nips bought it and said to me, “I’ll buy it for you later. She really wants this game.”
Inside I sunk like how Master Chief did when he thought he was going to die. We left the store, Grace happy and I not so happy. The whole day I lamented in sorrow for the beautiful box and its DVD, Game, Comic book, hardback book and action figure. When we arrived at our domicile do you know what happened first? Grace played her game and she had trouble playing it. I had to help her every minute (more like second). Skipping ahead a few months and frustrating gameplay later:
On my birthday I went into Gamestop with my Maw Maw and I was the only black woman in there. I laid eyes on Resistance 2 -all game and no limited edition box- and right beside it was Tony Hawk’s Project 8. I am a big fan of Tony Hawk’s games, Pro Skater 4 being the best and first of his games that I played. With all my income from BPOs I bought the game, which was half price, and Maw Maw had to pitch in fourteen dollars. The game was used, that’s why it was half price, but it worked well.
As soon as I got home I played the game and I was blown away at how beautiful it was. The first level had you pit against the Goliaths, the badass walking machines, and I could actually understand the story. Halo, however, had taken three plays and a visit to Halopedia for me to catch on to the story. Resistance 3’s gameplay was epic just like Halo 3. But my first time playing it I had to let Grace play a bit. All in all it became an affair for us to play Resistance 2 together, just like how we played Resistance 1 together.
But at the time we were playing Resistance 1 I wanted Nips to join in, and she never did until a few months later.
Resistance 2 was great up until the boss battle, which felt like something out of New Super Mario Brothers. But it was AFTER the boss battle that made the game’s true last level a heated passion! (No pun intended). SPOILER ALERT: In this level, here we are playing as Hale, whom is half human half Chimera. Sad, isn’t it? He gets super awesome (bleep) and has to escape the (bleep) to get to (bleep) and in the end he (bleep).SPOILER OVER. It was so dope! That ending was such a shocker that it was better than Halo 3’s ending, and I’m no biased fan girl.
And then it happened.
Nips had to go away to study abroad in some state and she said she was taking the PS3 so she’ll have something to use when her guy-friend visits. How many times can a person drive 70,000 miles to visit? only four times a year: Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall.
I was devastated. So I played all the PS3 games I could until it was time for its departure. I also sent my three games (resistance 1, Resistance 2, and Tony Hawk) with her because I felt I wouldn’t need them. After she left I turned to my xbox 1. Star Wars, Grand Theft Auto, Playstation 2 children games, and everything else until I got bored.
Then I rekindled my flame with Xbox 360. Scotty brought over a game called Left 4 Dead 2. It belonged to his female friend Khinny. That game was AWESOME. Scotty and I would play that for hours (or until he had to leave). Never have I played such a gritty and dark game…oh wait, there was Doom 3. Soon it became Scotty, Grace and I and on some occasions it would be Grace and I. That game mixed with the cool movie Zombieland gave Grace nightmares. I would play Left 4 Dead 2 online, that’s where I met most of my xbox friends, and it was great for a while, and then Scotty joined in. A few weeks later he stopped, so it was Grace and I. Then slowly Left 4 Dead 2 became boring for both of us and it was not because of Scotty. It got old really fast.
Then Scotty introduced me to another Xbox game…[PROTOTYPE]. He and Grace had played level 1 before but unlike them I finished the whole game in a day and a half. It soon became a sort of passtime for Grace and I to play that game. I was also fascinated by it’s story, and then it got old, really old. So Grace and I turned our attention to Perfect Dark on my Nintendo 64 (which i completed in 30-40 minutes). I owned only 2 games for Nintendo 64 and those are Yoshi’s Story and Perfect Dark itself. The rest are–or were–packed away. Those two games both got old, then I heard news of Perfect Dark being ported to Xbox. I played the demo and I just had to have more! I, having no credit card, called Nips and used her card to buy the game. Once it was in my possession I played online with it after finishing the campaign. It was great, and I made new Xbox friends, then it too got old. But it was still fun when Grace and I played together. So for a while I played nothing but demos of games like Portal: Still Alive and Limbo, which are the best demos for Xbox to date.
One day I was browsing on Wikipedia and heard of Halo Reach. I passed it off as regular news because at the time I wasn’t a major Halo fangirl. In September it unleashed itself onto unsuspecting teens and adults and including myself. I saw it’s beautiful cover at Blockbuster, and I muttered: This game looks awesome. And I brought into it’s charms. But at Blockbuster renting a game for five days was a whopping $7!
At the homestead I was charmed even more by its opening sequence and the music. I immediately went to the Forge, then the campaign. As I played through it I was surprised. It wasn’t as boring as Halo 3 and has great replay values. At the time all of my friends were playing Reach. I went online to play where I majorly sucked. Then i had to take it back. After that I felt deprived of my Halo fix. Then one day Grace came over and made Maw Maw and me sick. When she left I had such a damn-horrible night. I cleansed myself with nothing but Jurassic Park and had the TV on in the night. Then Scotty arrived. I sat up, my back aching, and he gave me a bag that said “Gamestop” and inside was –yes it was– Halo Reach. I said “Thank you” although it hurt my back and throat just to speak. First thing we did was play the multiplayer until 3 am. My back, legs, arms and neck ached so bad but I actually beat him up in the game. I laughed at my winnings. After days of playing we took our sorry butts to the online multiplayer arena, where we got our asses kicked into shame by people who were better than us. I enjoyed the game and loved beating Scotty until my Xbox 360 DIED.
So one day I really wanted to play, and I picked up my xbox, took it apart, and nothing happened. It still said “open tray” when I put a game inside. Next day I picked it up and a spider crawled out of it and the game powered on and was ready to launch Reach. Around Thanksgiving time I played Firefight like a deprived puppy. Even Scotty joined in. After Thanksgiving we played almost every day, then the Xbox died again. So I hit it hard and it worked and hasn’t stopped since.
Around Christmas time Nips asked me if I wanted anything. My heart shouted PS3 while the other half shouted XBOX 360! I didn’t have many games for xbox (Prototype and Left 4 Dead are not mine) and I did enjoy playing Reach but I enoyed Resistance more. Nips, Grace and I took a trip to various stores. Shoes, tables, televisions. Then we went to Best Buy and there I saw a big station advertising Kinect. We moved on and I saw Wii, PS3, Xbox and all other games. The xobx looked alluring while PS3 looked like a nut-job on plastic crack. i’d rather have Nip’s PS3 classic than a piece of plastic. On the way back Grace and I tried the Kinect but couldn’t get it to work. Away we go!
I asked for a Wacom Intuos 4 for drawing instead of a game system. I wanted what will make me money rather than what will make me waste money. I also got Black Ops. When I got Intuos 4 it was bliss, and Corel Painter was the tip of the iceburg! Then I found out I really can’t paint. I was horrible in Corel Painter 11 after my second picture. So I went back to the free program MyPaint, which I was better at.
Then a little YouTube ad pointed me in the trailer for Resistance 3. I felt everything flash before my eyes. I picked up Playstation Magazine, skipping to Resistance 3, and remembered everything I fought for, everything that made me a PS3 girl. Resistance 3, coming out later this year, and PROTOTYPE 2, coming out next year, both games for PS3, had reminded me of the past.
I recently used my Halo Reach xbox LIVE pass and raped everybody in the arena. All that practice on Scotty paid off. Sure I lost a few games but mostly I was on top. I even tested my multiplayer maps with a friend, but only one friend. Everyone else was busy playing Black Ops. I wanted to play Black Ops online, but I suck at it.
Recently I was reminded of Resistance 3 again! Then my video game world came to a crash….
Scotty met Carmilla. Scotty like Carmilla. I can not play games around Carmilla. Scotty and I no longer play games.
Yep, it went like that. Then I got into an online argument with Carmilla, pointing out all her discrepencies and such. Everyone got mad at me, except Maw Maw, whom was calm and told me this and that. As a lady I did what was right: sabotage. I also did what was wrong: stoop to the devil.
One day Scotty came and I invited him to Reach, he flatout blatantly said, “No.”
So yeah, Carmilla took Scotty from all the video games we played. I wasn’t hurt, sad and/or angry, however I have deep hatred for Carmilla, and the best way to get that hatred out is to not associate yourself with that type of person. Heck, I said nothing about her.
Again I saw the title “Resistance 3” on the headlines of the current Playstation Magazine. I skimmed through, went to the page for Resistance 3 and said “damn, that looks cold.”
Here I am today awaiting for the day I get money so I can get a PS3. I’m nearly done with my poetry book, but that will be very hard to promote. I already have an eBook of five cicada poems licensed under a Creative Commons license. One day I will be reunited with Nathan Hale and the Chimera.

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