Black Girl Gamers Like Me

Reach? Resistance? Black Ops? [PROTOTYPE]? Perfect Dark?
What do these titles have in common?

They are games.

My sister, My aunt and I are the only female gamers in the family. My sister is a girl gamer in training. We’ve played a lot of games. Yes, I’m a black girl and yes I’m a gamer. Yes, I love classical music, comic books, manga, anime, Halo, Resistance, action movies, computer technology and poetry. Does that sound unique?
Some men WANT female gamers. Most men DON’T care. They say, “we don’t care.” yet others are glad to have girl gamers.

I’m not going to talk about how much women need to noticed and how they play games yada yada. I’m going to say:

I play games and I LOVE IT!

I know there are black girls that play games, but are any of you “Hardcore”? My definition of hardcore is “take everybody prisoner and have fun doing it,” and “take everybody prisoners and have fun doing it, even if you come in 3rd place.”

Now, the point of this post is nothing. It is merely an announcement about myself. 😀

Join me in my conquest to unearth Black girl gamers!
Black Girl Gamers on Facebook!

Who else is stoked for Resistance 3?


  1. I found your blog, and am I glad too see that I (and a friend of mine!) are not the only black girl gamers out there! I swear its like we’re rare spawns or something! And it’s even more so since I am a major MMORPG player(WoW, Everquest, and the like)! Been gaming since I was a little girl and loved it! Major high-five from me, love your blog!

  2. Valerilith · · Reply

    I feel the same way, i am a black girl gamer too. I always play video games online and they always think im a white girl. Not saying thats horrible or nothing but its like why can’t I be black? Not black but a black GIRL. Lol.

  3. Jasmine McGee · · Reply

    Randomly ran across your blog. Keep up the good work. nice to know other Black female gamers exist! I myself am one too. 🙂

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