For a whole month, I’ve created three fanon wikis for three series I care about: Resistance, Temeraire and Perfect Dark. Yeah, I know they look alike, but I’m not good at wiki coding. I started the Resistance Fanon wiki first, and it’s my best. It took me a whole day to code it, and I use it’s coding on the other Wikis. They’re all like sister wikis. I’m not good at wiki coding to give it awesome layouts like Star Wars, Halo or Dragon age wikis. But the fandom for those series is massive and almost everybody (including Wiki-tech savy people) likes them. The series’ I selected probably don’t have a large fanbase, but they are innovative and superior. Resistance is innovative with its’ aliens and weapons. Temeraire is superior because of it’s setting, language, and plotlines. Perfect Dark is superior because back in the day it set so many rules for FPS and FPS multiplayer. I was shocked when I found out they had no fanon wikis. Fanon wikis are the best way to get noticed ( sucks).

Resistance Fanon and Fan Fiction Wiki: here

Temeraire Fanon Wiki: here

Perfect Dark Fanon Wiki: here

And just recently, Gubslinger Girl Fanon Wiki: here

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