ALI PROJECT – QUEENDOM and Les Pappilions

Yep, two new albums from the best underrated band ever! Ali Project’s unique style is heading to another Classical album (i think) and another Best Album (sadly). I’m not joyful for the best album, but I’m ecstatic for the Classical album (what classical enthusiast wouldn’t?). Lady Gags is good and all, but when it comes to real music without the use of synthesizers and keyboards, Ali Project calls my name like Bungie’s Swansong Halo Reach.


1. Troubadour
2. 騎士乙女 (Kishi Otome, Knight Maiden)
3. 亂世エロイカ (Ranse Eroica, Chaotic Heroic)
4. 寶島 (Takarajima, Treasure Island)
5. 亡き王女のための… (Naki Oujo no Tame no…, For The Late Princess’s Sake…)
6. 堕天國宣戦 (Datenkoku Sensen, Corrupted Kingdom of Heaven’s War Declaration)
7. 雪ノ女 (Yuki no Onna, Snow Woman)
8. 刀と鞘 (Katana to Saya, Katana and Sheath)
9. 腕 kaina (Ude kaina, Arms)
10. Hell’s Maria
11. 灰桜 (Haizakura, Ash Cherry Blossoms)
12. 亂世エロイカ (Strings Ver.)

After Hanshin Nihonshugi (which has sadly worn off on me except for about…3 songs) I am in dying need for new Ali Pro music. I’d join their fanclub, but it’s in Japanese. They seriously need to open an English fanclub for their English-speaking fans. If they ever come to Illinois, I’ll be the only black girl in the audience wearing what Arika wore at Sakura*Con some years ago, and I’ll be the only black girl there.

I’m actually estatic for this new album they have. I’m glad they are being diverse in their locations. Italy (my fave), Austria, maybe France is next.

Unrelated note: what kind of software does Rooster Teeth use for the new season of Red VS Blue?


  1. haha, what a coincidence. we’re both black females, both from illinois and both ali project fans! 😀

    1. lol, my first experience with their music was through Rozen Maiden. I thought it was the voice cast singing the songs! Their music has inspired parts of my book! They’re much better than what’s on USA radio (which I gave up listening to when I found ALI PRO music). Happy hunting in your musical adventures with Ali Project. (check and the weblog “otome no inori” to find out when their new albums are coming out)

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