The 800-Page Journey

I just finished my book and I’m not happy with it’s current condition. It’s cover looks sucky, it’s interior feels poorly made, and worst of all: it took me months of redesigning to get to where I am with it.
So, I drew a new cover out of boredom and guess what: I prefer the new cover to the current one.
Another thing I’m unhappy with is the size and length. 134 pages feels too short for me. So, you know what I’m going to do: I’m going to expand my book to’s maximum 740 pages so it can be a riveting read.

Now, my book is no novel. It is poetry about anything I can think of: epic short poetry, story-poetry, anything! I am taking poetry to a new level. I am resurrecting poetry!

Currently my book was 168 pages, but since last night and this morning, it’s 170 pages. Today I am aiming for 220 pages. If you are like me, you can write good poetry FAST. It took me five minutes to write a poem about a girl stuck inside a bird cage. I don’t get how people can’t write something so short in a few minutes. Maybe it depends on the person? On (Lulu Poetry, which is sadly closing) I had a poem up every-other day. Until recently I started writing them everyday.

With my book, it went through several revamps and makeovers. At first it was a novel about politics and the military, then a short story book, then back to a novel, and now it’s a book of poetry. Poetry is my strong point. Short stories are also my strong point, but I quickly lose interest when writing prose.

My book’s size was also to blame for why I hate it’s current state. A4 is too big and is meant for magazines (which I intended my book to be). my recent decision to change my book’s size was caused by a recent journey through the book section at Wal Mart. All the books were small (6X9 or smaller), not a monster size like A4. Only magazines held that size.

I’m not taking down my book from Lulu. I’m keeping it up. Instead, I’m going to extend it to 740 pages and put up the extended edition. Sounds cool, right? It’s kind-of like an Omnibus edition of a book that sold only one copy 🙂 . You can follow my blog if you want, because
I’ll be posting updates on the book and might post a few poem excepts. I love blogging about that type of stuff.

I know books go by word count and not pages, but for me it’s going by pages. Another thing, it’s a 6X9 so you should expect this book out a month from now. My mission is to write twenty pages (twenty or more poems) a day. If I can just get away from the distraction of the internet and finally face my mother to edit it (I’m embarrassed at letting her read it. I don’t know why, people love my poetry), this book might be out by May or June. My original target date was 6.6.11. Hmmm, six is scary. Maybe 7.7.11?
Wish me luck!

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