Dragons of Atlantis Newbie Walkthrough Strategy Guide (Updated 2/27/12)


THIS is the city you want

THIS is the city you want

This guide was written with haste, hence the spelling errors. This newbie quick-start guide is for people that play Dragons of Atlantis, and for members of the alliance I was in. Click the image for a guide to the building.

UPDATED 2/27/12

quick start tips (the basics):

Click on something to upgrade it

Resources are in the field (same for outposts). you can build lumbermill for wood, farm for food, quarry for stone and mine for metal

garrison is for training troops. upgrade garrison to train diferent types of troops.

build resources first.
build a house, upgrade it to lvl 3
resarch woodcraft in science center
resarch levitation in science center

i thought i’d mention this beforehand: when you start training troops, do not have your troops defend your walls. people of higher power will obliterate your troops. yes, you will lose resources because your troops will be in sanctuary, but having them defend your wall is worse. nobody has their troops defending their walls. build a storage vault so just in case you are attacked, you wont lose resources. a level 1 storage vault stores 1,000,000 of your resources. each upgrade increases storage by 1,000,000, so a lvl 3 storage vault stores 3,000,000 of each resource.

a first city is usually a newbie city. they’re everywhere. they do not hold as many resoucres that a city with 10,000 power would. to train troops, build a garrison in your city. you can train and build at the same time. a lvl 1 garrison lets you train conscripts and spies. since this is a first city, that is fine. after garrison is built, click on it and click the train button (it is something similar). enter in the amount of troops or click max. porters and spies arent meant for fighting. if you want to attack a bigger city, research more weapons calibration or metallurgy and upgrade your garrison. build more garrisons to decrease training time.
another thing, it takes a while to have a great army. but, for attacking first cities, it doesnt take much.

my personal favorite troops are longbowmen (lbm). i use them to attack higher powers. to train them, your garrison has to be lvl 4 or higher. weapons calibration is important to success with lbm. research as much as that as you can. but…for attacking first city, train 200 conscripts. if you want, you can try it with 100. another key to this game is experimentation.

to make a building, click on and empty space.
build resource sites first: farms, lumbermills ,mines and quarries
follow the quests. the quest button is by the message button

to get great dragon egg, upgrade dragon’s keep by clicking the cage by your castle and clikcing upgrade.

for newbies, you can follow the quests you are given. The quest tab is at the top of the screen by messages. You can build garrisons after you have built resource sites. To build a garrison, click an empty space in your city and select garrison.

To get a great dragon egg, click the dragon’s keep (the cage-thingy beside your fortress/castle). Click upgrade. Your egg will appear after dragon keep has been upgraded.

A Rookery is where you train battle dragons (BD) and swift strike dragons (SSD).

In cases that I am not available (which is a rarity except for today), there is the official dragons of atlantis forum and the dragons of atlantis wiki. You can google those.

here’s a tip: wait a while before getting your dragon egg. important thing to do is to upgrade all resource sites to level 5. resource sites are the key to reasearch and training troops. you can trai troops at the same time, but if troops are important to you, upgrade your garrison.

when attacking, try to stay away from people with higher powers (like 50,000) until you have enough troops. my personal favorite troops are longbowmen (LBM). i can use 500 of them to attack a lvl 4 wilderness. to make longbowmen effective, resarch weapons calibration in science center. I hope this information isn’t confusing you. Here is my priority list:

1. upgrade all resource sites to lvl 5

2. resarch woodcraft to lvl 5 so you can research levitation

3. resarch levitation to lvl 5. levitation shortens building times

4. train troops. for training longbowmen, upgrade garrison to lvl 4

5. after levitation, resarch weapons calibration

You won’t be able to train swift strike dragons (SSD) and battle dragons (BD) until your garrison reaches a certain level.

The more garrisons the merrier. Each garrison has 1% reduction time. Longbows are a beginner’s best friend, and everyone says Minotaurs give 3 power for 1 food, so they’re fake power builders. Still, focus on building a formidable army. Every army must have lbm, bds and minos. battle dragons (bds) are hard to train though. 50 at a time is slow, but great if you have ten garrisons, and 300 at a time if you want more faster.

Officer quarters is for appointing Facebook friends as generals to lead your army’s attack. You cannot attack anything until you have generals and troops.

Before attacking anything you might want to research these: weapons calibration, metallurgy, medicine.

Help centers: dragons of atlantis forum
Dragons of Atlantis wiki

The Other Newbie Guide:


————UPDATE 10/5/11——-UPDATE 10/9/11

It seems Kabam has added special troops. Work towards these troops whenever you can. It is the “Ultimate Army.”

Also, Longbowmen are EXCELLENT in defense but horrible in offense, but they are no match if your attacker has Lava Jaws. I have not tried which troops are best in offense, but my guess would be battle dragons. When attacking camps, pair longbows with ATs and you’ll suffer no losses (yes I heard what Kabam says and they are telling the truth about it…somewhat). If you are over cautious, don’t try using LBM on higher camps.

Furthermore, Swift Strike Dragons make perfect farmers, and Armored Transports seem to be a perfect shield for Longbowmen.

I am a minimalist (a person that prefers to live small and simple), and I don’t have a lot of wilds. If I did, I’d bring in so much resources that I would be a farming target. So take that into consideration when taking wilds. Do you want to be a farming target? I’ve managed to still get eggs and armor while the Wilderness list was only half full (meaning I didn’t have all the slots filled up).

One last thing, nobody likes fluff power (conscripts, Minos, spies). If someone manages to take you down while you defend, they can tell everyone you had fluff power. Wouldn’t want to be a laughing stock, would you?


My least favorite subject: Alliances!

Everyone wants to be the best of the best. Well, from my experience, there is no “best.”

After creating my alliance and having my friend create the sister alliance, both alliances became increasingly quiet and boring. So we disband both alliances and created the new alliance Game of Thrones. Yes, we lost some inactives, but we also gained a lot of power from the merge. (some alliances started to “copy” our method). So, if your alliance (and sister alliance) is low ranked, the best thing to do is merge.

Every alliance should have a Resource officer, Warlords, and Coords officer/Spy Officer (taking advantage of the “Name Changer” found in the shop for 50 rubies).

___________Level 11 & 12 Builds______________

These new builds are nothing special. You can upgrade your garrison, officer quarters and muster point to level 11 (and level 12 for the latter two).

Muster Point: you can have 120,000 troops in one march, at level 12 it’s 140,000



Agriculture: FOOD
Woodcraft: WOOD
Alloys: METALS
Masonry: STONE

Clairvoyance: It’s for your spies
Weapons Calibration: It’s for your ranged troops (longbowmen, and such)
Medicine: increases your troop’s health
Metallurgy: It’s a metal thing. It increases your troop’s power (like swords and such)

Dragonry: It makes your dragons stronger
Arial Combat: That’s for “elemental” dragons and your Great Dragon

Levitation: Important! Levitation decreases building times, so you won’t have to wait a crapload of time for something to build. When fully upgraded, a farm that takes 38 seconds will only take 8 seconds. Level 5 woodcraft is required.

Warrior Revival: It increases the amount of souls you collect from the dead via the Spectral Outpost. This is for troops sent to battle.

Guardian Revival: Increases the amount of defensive troops brought back from the dead.


Sentinel: tells when you’re going to get a spanking—-I mean—it tells you when you’re going to get attacked

Metalsmith: He makes your metal stronger so your troops will have stronger swords

Garrison: It’s where your troops go to train

Rookery: It’s where your dragons have cage matches. The winning dragon gets to be in your army. Okay, just joking. The Rookery is where your dragons are trained.

Science Center: This is where science is born, you monster. (GLaDOS quote)

Storage Vault: The vault is where resources are stored. Every level increases storage by 1,000,000. I’d be nice to upgrade the vault to level 101.

house: It’s where your residents stay to have a good time. Make sure they mow the lawn.

Fortress: That giant eyesore in the middle of your city. After level 11 it becomes beautiful. (Ancestral seal required).

Factory: For those dang Fire Mirrors

_______________________________________TROOPS YOU NEED

My favorite troops to train are longbowmen. (LBM) They’re good in defense and can be easily replaced. Offense? Not so good (unless attacking a camp). Battle Dragons (BDs) are good for farming camps. With most research at level 9, I used 21k to attack a level 7 camp. Swift Strike Dragons (SSDs) are the perfect farmers and are a mix between ATs and LBM. Armored Transports (ATs) are those giant blimps. They’re great with longbowmen. Also, you gotta have the ol’ Wraith Dragon. He’s your best friend if you are running an alliance that is the target of a bigger alliance.

_____________________________________SPECIAL TROOPS

When Fangtooths came out, they were considered the most powerful troops in the game, and then everynoe started using them. I have limited experience with special troops because Kabam is being mean and changed the drop rates. They made it harder for non-ruby players to get items for special troops.


Fangtooths (Water): Fangtooth Respirators can be found in lakes and camps 7 and up, but I think they may have changed that

Granite Orgres (Stone): Glowing Mandrakes can be found in hills or camps 7 and up

Lava Jaws (Fire): Lava Runes can be found in camps 7 and up

Banshees (Air): Banshee Talons can be found in camps 7 and up

Soul Reapers (Ice): Reaper Totems can be found in camps 7 and up

Venom Dwellers:

Completion grants are needed to upgrade 1 (and only 1) training camp in your outpost for that outpost’s special troop.


Great Dragon
Water Dragon (lakes 5 and up)
Stone Dragon (hills 7 and up)
Fire Dragon (mountians 7 and up)
Wind Dragon (savannas 7 and up)
Wraith Dragon (Spectral Ruins)

Frost Dragon (mountains 7 and up) (NEW!)

Methitic Serpent (Zolmec) (lakes 5 and up) (NEW!)

Gaea/Amber Crest Dragon (NEW!)

Helios Dragon (Solarian) (NEW!)

You must have a separate outpost for each dragon. Level 9 and 10 are preferred, level 8 is okay.

We can all guess a Forest Dragon (Earth Dragon) and Food dragon (Harvest Dragon) is coming next.


Great dragon or elemental dragon must be included in the march, same goes for eggs and talismans.

GD Armor: camps 5 and up
Wraith Dragon armor: all wilds 7 (except savannahs) and up
Fire Dragon armor: mountains 7 and up
Ice dragon armor: mountains 7 and up
Stone dragon armor: hills 7 and up
Water dragon armor: lakes 7 and up
Wind dragon: Savannas 7 and up

Methitic Serpent: none yet

Ice Dragon armor is probably the easiest to find since it shares the same “find” wild with the Fire Dragon, but that’s just an assumption.


The infamous glitches:

*unknown errors, all the time (seems like those have been resolved)
*if you are using Google Chrome, lots of times the map will not load when you scroll around and you cannot launch attacks
*sometimes a message you send in world chat will not be sent


SPECTRAL RUINS: 100k talismans are needed to start one. Spectal Ruins is basically a Resurrection site for soldiers you lose. Mausoleums hold souls, so I suggest you have more mausoleums than anything, even if it takes 3 day to bring back 32,000 souls, it sure beats training them again.

the 100k talismans are not deducted from your items, but they will be deducted when you start training Wraith Dragon, and that dragon is seriously overpowered. One of them can take out a whole army. The Wraith’s power seems to be reduced significantly.

If you want to get talismans faster, use 4k Lava Jaws. Trust me, just them alone can clear a level 10 camp and net you 3k talismans. Other camps dont matter. Talismans are also needed to upgrade your Wraith, and are needed each time you summon him.


Level 7 camp: 400
Level 8 camp: 930
Level 9 camp: 1636

Level 10 camp: 3,600


*Ever since the drop rates of egg an armor has changed, the game has become harder for newbies and as such, high ruby players will have an advantage over everyone. In the first days of the water dragon, the water egg was hard to find. I did not find mine until the stone egg came out. The armor was even harder. Now they changed the rules: an elemental or great dragon must be included in the search. Before I was able to get armor, but now it’s harder than ever. There’s a 0.1 in 5 chance that you’ll get it. Kabam probably wants you to get frustrated, give in and use Rubies, but for what? A moving picture of a Dragon?

If you want Dragons of Atlantis to change for the better for the “everyday player,” then join this Facebook group:




I logged onto DoA and saw Carillon’s alliance list completely f***d up. Everyone has been exploiting the wall glitch scandal, which Kabam has sadly fixed. The glitch let’s you double your troops by entering “max troops” on your wall after putting them into fight mode. Since then the realm has been in chaos. Kabam fixed the glitch yesterday and those of you whom wanted revenge on your enemies have apparently missed your chance. I was too late to partake in all the action, but I’m glad I did miss it. Kabam might roll back the servers to a day before the glitch started, or they’ll ban the power abusers. That was a real test of temptation and mostly everyone in Carillon realm (and other realms) have failed it.

Hope this helps!

Ad Astra 🙂

And, if you like SPACE DRAGONS: Click here


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    ok first things first only noobs have storage vaults lol that guide is crap. best way to learn is experience in game talk to fellow alliance members and learn

    1. you do know the storage vault now holds millions of resources? and people have actually found this guide helpful, whether it’s crap or not 🙂

    2. Ok. You might not want the Vault and thats fine. Thats your choice, but just because someone chooses to build a Vault and keep it, It doesn’t make them a noob. Some call it strategy. I have heard all over the place other players say get rid of your vault. Yeah. Right. First off, If you don’t keep a vault, a player could get attacked day in and day out and have his resources looted and then he has nothing left to train with. If a Player keeps his vault, If he is continiously getting attacked, At least he has plenty of resources protected that he can still grow under fire. Most of the ones who tell others to get rid of their vaults, IMHO, are players who love keeping newer players from growing.

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    1. Your welcome, it has taken quite a while to put together. I’m glad youappreciate it.

  15. level 9 camps give u 1636 talismans not 1300

  16. matt boyce · · Reply

    I was very happy when i came across this sight,because i am a noob-cake at this game.This list was very helpful.I do have a question though.If i need armor for my big dragon to be able to attack with him,how do i get armor.

    1. you get armor from lvl 5-10 camps

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    i have found this page a few days ago nd its realy helpful
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    awesome guide now i finally know how to get armor

  19. TireOfPoorSupport · · Reply

    Very good writeup!
    Shame it’s for a game that as such poor support.

    Question : Do you keep all the troops you build, or as you get better troops – do you release the ones you previously built?

    For those of you that later encounter bugs/issues and Kabam does nothing;
    file a complaint there.

    1. You are suppose to keep any and all troops you build (until they die in battle or you feel you need to release them)

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    UPDATE: The vault now starts at 400.000 capacity. And it doesn’t add a million per lvl anymore. Mine is currently lvl 5 and only holds 1.000.000.

    Some changes just suck, I wish I would have known bout this game last year!

  23. BrotherToDragon · · Reply

    whats funny is that i havent bought rubies for this game yet i have 13mill power with 500k “special troops” including 200k lava jaws and 150k fangtooths yet for some reason kabam does not like me. i have been searching for a year to get the frost egg attacking all the lvl5-10 mountains until an hour away even after i warped 2 times. each of my 6 dragons (water, stone,fire, wind, great, and wraith) are lvl10 with full set of armour. i send 20k of any “special troops” with each dragon except for wraith.

  24. how do you train venome dwellers?

    1. you have to have Sunken temple – therefor you have to own Serpent dragon. and then in Sunken temple you build training camps but for venom dwellers you need lvl. 10 training camp.
      I know this post/comment is old but just in case if someone else is also looking for that info.

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