The Ending of Inception…

…the movie was a big, boring, confusing mess. Too many subplots going, a lot of different subdreams going, this movie should be called

D I C T I O N A R Y.

People that disagree on it’s boringness would think my IQ is low, or that I like action movies or cartoons. That is not true. I hate action movies and cartoons. They hate to admit to the truth that Inception was too slow-paced, and unnessisariy long. They say it’s brilliant because it confused them. They defend it because they feel it is original. Truth let be, it is not worth it. I didn’t care for the CGI or whatever it’s called. I didn’t care for anything. I did enjoy the zero-gravity, other than that it made me sleepy. BUT I am glad I held on for the ending. I give it that.

Here is my theory that is right:

The ending of Inception was easy to decipher. Their true selfs were in the car, and all their sub-selves were dreams. They blew up the dream-winter facility to destroy their sub dreams and buy that guy time to retrieve some code. Leonardo’s character was obsessed with his wife. He died in the movie. When he killed his wife he was set free. He was experiencing AFTERLIFE when they all woke up.

So, in conclusion, he died and experienced a afterlife. They were on a plane, hen suddenly the girl was at the desk and everyone else were given different spots. You can clearly tell it was an afterlife. He was clearly obsessed with his brunette wife. All in all the movie did not make sense but it’s ending was easy to decipher.

He died. he had an afterlife. What he meant by “being free” was dying. What was the point of him living if everything had moved on without him?


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