ALI PROJECT – Les Papillons

Arika’s newest album has inspired my chapbook, Dragonworld. I will be reviewing both Queendom and Les Papillons when I get my hands on them. Here is the tracklist from LyricWiki:

Strings album by Ali Project.
秘密の花薗 (Himitsu no Hanazono, The Secret Garden)
天体瑠璃星万華鏡 (Tentai Ruriboshi Mangekyou, Celestial Lazuline Planet Kaleidoscope)
胡蝶夢心中 (Kochou Yume Shinjuu, A Butterfly’s Dream of Lovers’ Suicide)
修羅と蝶 (Shura to Chou, Carnage and Butterflies)
眼帯兎と包帯羊のMärchen (Schumann) (Gantai Usagi to Houtai Hitsuji no Märchen, The Tale of an Eyepatched Rabbit and a Bandaged Sheep)
パピヨン輪廻 (Papillon Rinne, Butterfly Samsara)
逢魔蛾城の伯爵 (Oumagajou no Hakushaku, The Count of the Bewitched Moth Castle)
革命の血脈 (Kakumei no Ketsumyaku, The Blood Ties of Revolution)
君の名を (Beethoven) (Kimi no Na wo, Your Name)
Les Papillons (The Butterflies)

Arika’s costume is certainly pretty and cute, so I’m guessing this will be like Gothic Opera: very few sad songs and a lot of happy songs. I enjoyed Gothic Opera, but none of their strings album come close to their excellent Romance album. Romance is one of my favorite albums of theirs. It has everything I want from them: A tragic tune (La Cale Che), a happy tune to sing to when doing the Laundry (Bianca), a mysterious victorian tune that you can make your own mind movie with (Wuthering Heights: Arashi Ga Oka), and a sensual tune for night (L’oisseau Bleu). All their other albums were slightly not successful in capturing everything Romance had, but that does not mean their albums are bad.
My chapbook, Dragonworld (half of it inspired by Les Papillons), will hopefully be out on 7.7.11 if I get a reply from VampirePrincess007 at DeviantArt. If not, I’ll release another chapbook in place of Dragonworld. As for Les Papillons, I should be getting that VERY soon. Hail to the Cake!

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