Chapbooks: E or no E?

It has occured to me that I am between a rock and a pond. My problem? Lulu’s PDF Converter sucks.

My other problem? My PDF converter no longer accepts 8 x 5 size, nor will it accept a custom size. Damn you, PrimoPDF.

My book is a 50-page chapbook on that had a special release date: 7.1.11. I was watching Hellboy, Daybreakers, and Star Wars Episode 1 all day (I admit I liked Jar Jar’s role) and forgot about the book. I had to rush it out at 1o pm and found out I have to settle for 8.5 x 11 book size, I HATE that size. It feels too fat! 8 x 5 is just right.

The reason why I can’t simply switch to 8 x 5 is this: Lulu’s PDF converters won’t accept fonts like Smudger LET and Teen. They come out as ugly looking fonts. I never had that problem until the Lulu staff updated the frikkin’ converter. PDF Creator won’t embed the font Helvetica either, so that’s out of the question (Helvetica isn’t even in the document). Google was no help either. And I tried all the free PDF Converters, including the online ones, and they will only take 8 x 11 size. UGH!

So it makes me wonder: Should my chapbook but an E-Chapbook? If I do that, it defeats the purpose of it being a chapbook. Back in the old days Chapbooks were sold by chapmen to the poor whom could not afford books. They were usually 20-50 pages and, because of their low quality, were used as Poop Paper. Yeah, they cleaned their nasty butts with it. But not everyone abused chapbooks like that. Chapbooks contained material that was restricted by higher powers. Don’t you love how humans find a way to do what they’re not suppose to? Anyway, chapbooks nearly died but have resurfaced. Today they are popular with small presses and (sometimes) big publishers.

So, should I give up and make the first two chapbooks into E-Chapbooks?
Or should I go with the flow and get rid of all the good-looking fonts?

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