The Society On Da Run: Dragon War (Part 1)

The following is an excerpt from my poetry novel/periodical series, “The Society On Da Run.”

Years into the future…


The skies above Italy had suffered turmoil. Dragons fought with their enemy in a battle to reclaim Earth. Prince Ashuton Karrucci, a dragon-human and prince of a royal empire, had declared war on mankind. The dragons rejoiced and were glad to be free. Ashuton had never wanted to declared war on humans, nor did he want to do harm to them. But the demon-girl had attached herself to him and changed his way of life. Dragons began a rebellion against humans, and the situation had become dire when the military stepped in. People were found dead in their homes, mauled apart, or had saddles strapped to their backs. News reports and the media called these new string of murders a “dawn of a tragic beginning.”

Some people were saying how the Antonin empire did nothing to stop the Dragons from venting their anger on people, whereas their supporters were saying Antonin didn’t need to take part in the rebellion, the Dragons had a right to be angry.

By midday on September 23rd 3016, the sky turned red. Warships descended from the sky, and through the mist of the San Francisco bridge, a giant serpent rose from the waters. And he destroyed the great bridge with a pounding from his tail. The serpent was much taller than all the buildings and was wider than the pyramids of Egypt. Cars were thrown everywhere, most into the cold waters. San Francisco was hit the hardest by the dragons’ onslaught. The media world was up in a buzz. The serpent’s attack was the headline on every newspaper and on every news station. Breaking news broadcasts had interrupted television shows to inform the world about the event. Terrible Aliens Attack: Death toll estimated to be 2 million. Giant snake destroys San Francisco! Are Dragons Aliens? Have we been living amongst the third kind? Are we in for a time-out from Mommy?

Cruiser-ships had appeared over the Earth’s capital cities and dropships deployed armored troops, all of them brothers in arms. When one of the dropships landed at a military base in Newmark City, the soldiers had no clue what they were up against. Newmark had been specially targeted by the commanding officer of the Dragon fleet.

The ground troops were tall, lizard-like beings with bullet-resistant armor. No weapon that the soldiers wielded could pierce it. The ground troops did move slowly because of the armor, but they had aid from the medium-sized Dragons in the skies. There were other cities that were less fortunate than Newmark, like Rome, the homecity of Antonin. The Dragons came in mass numbers, many of them medium sized. They doused a breath of fire to houses, skyscrapers and streets. Armed forces of the human military fought back, as did regular people whom were armed with cans and axes. The death toll was high for both sides, but it was not over.

After all the capital cities were under Dragon control, the creatures decided to take the rest of the world with their “Father,” starting with Chicago, the last human resistance stronghold. The ground shook, and the earth beneath it tore open, and the dragon father had rose high into the sky. People were in awe and felt all hope drain away. Everything came to a standstill as this shadow made of billions of dragons had appeared over the city. By looking at the dragon’s face one could tell it was wider than the largest city. This event was called “The Mosaic,” and the black dragon over the city was called The Vessel. The dragon was famous in fabled tales, myths and long-drawn out legends. They all had the same point: when he appeared, all hell would break loose, and it did. The dragons burst out of his formation like a swarm of locusts. We did not stand a chance when the creatures struck by the billions, capturing and silencing all their claws could catch.

The skies were red with fury as the dragons, alongside their airships, scorched the city. The swarm died down in an hour, when all the humans in Chicago were captured like bugs. They were shackled and bound as they marched in line. Seven days later, the dragons began to build a fortress to accommodate their father. Even then people were still in disbelief that Dragons had constructed superior technology.

The “anthromorphic” dragon soldiers and their flying counterparts kept the humans in concentration camps and did not release them until the Fortress was half-constructed. People were forced to walk in a line down Michigan Avenue, and could not stop until they reached the fortress at the center of the city. As they walked, a young mother was able to free her little girl. The soldiers noticed and saw the little girl run off into the dark, cold alleyways. Ten soldiers followed after, hoping not to loose their catch. To them, every human life was valuable.

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