SubDrag’s Beta Skedar Level Information

I salvaged this from SubDrag’s Geocities site, which is still alive at Full link here:

That was back in a time when websites were small, simple and clean. (*shakes hands* there’s nothing wrong with today’s websites though). The page is below:


Beta Skedar Ruins

Actual beta screenshots

Will this astound you? I think so! Some sort of time travel existed in the beta version, with dataDyne creating a time travel device which Joanna used to go through time to this level.

However, this level was actually split into three! The Bunker, the Neo-Egyptian part, and eventually “Civilization”. Joanna would go back in time to the beginning of an ancient civilization.

At one time, Joanna probably could get a mauler earlier in the level (rather than at the Reanimated Skedar), or this was used with a cheat.

From Neo-Egytian. Now that I think about it, this isn’t exactly from the ruins.
From the “Bunker”. The Skedar Escape pods are missing with the Skedar! And I seriously doubt a king is beyond this door.Here is one of Trent’s goons lying on the floor. He must have followed you through time.
I’ve known about these screenshots for a while, but until now I thought they were from War!. Now, I think they were from one of the three Skedar levels.
It crossed my mind that this was from multi and just a preset Maians versus dataDyne, but I doubt it.
A dataDyne soldier lies dead. This looks similar to the multi Skedar level, so maybe they moved it to a multi level? Which level is this? I’d say Civilization, but that’s just a blatant guess. It could still be a form of War!, although there are much more Maians and a dataDyne guard.

Two Maian’s firing in the ruins. One is the Protector, who is never in the ruins, and the below one who only appears in War! Beta War? I doubt it, probably one of the Skedar sections.

This sky looks different from the below, but still not the one used in the final version. They are all a different color and miss the 3 moons.

A darker sky. This is the exact sky for the Skedar Multi map. Maybe the old level was moved to multi?

The sky of the ruins was inexplicably changed.

This screenshot shows Joanna at the spot where the king would normally be. Joanna can not go to this exact spot in the final version, although in the beta version I seriously doubt a king was here. Hence, Joanna could walk here.

Have any more beta pictures or information? Please, please, email them to me. You’ll get full credit for your discovery.

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