Exabyte Lande (canto 1)

The young mp3 player awoke at the touch of her master’s finger
For a whole hour he played nothing but depressing music
He must be contempt, she can feel it

Seven Exabytes play the same depressing song

* * *

she stood up with thoughts coursing her weary head
The floor beneath her was black and murky
She saw a light far off in the tunnel
This was her way out—and within seconds she reached the digital realm
The Exabyte Lande was everything she dreamed
Billions of data in a sea of microchips were her new friends
The light was brighter than ever before!
She took a few more steps,
and the moment her feet touched the projector, the light ceased
She saw her master clearly on the other side
But her master never seen how she looked
Not once did her master think of how the mp3 player looked when it was connected to the Personal Computer

* * *

She woke up again
Her nap with Mr. PC was over
It was now time for her to project her imagery to her master’s eyes
Again, more depressing music
But later in the day the mp3 player sensed a change in her master’s style
No more depressing music
But instead…Rock ‘n Roll

This new change came as a surprise to the mp3 player
And she loved it

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