The Dragon Reborn

Countdown to the Release of The Society On Da Run


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Space: a vast and timeless zone

Dragons: an intelligent species, sentient and non sentient

Crotonians: the alien race bent on war, and arch-nemesis to the Dragons

Crozetians: the Ancients that dwell inside the most revered beings of Dragon and Crotonian society

Alma Maters: the ones whom remain unknown

Humans: those whom form alliances with the Dragons

Rebirth: A dragon ritual that resurrects the past in the form of memories…




Young dragon, born of stardust

Knowledge vast and unknown

Claim thee egg and return



Society: anything that is more of one thing

Romance: an expression of feelings that break through a berrier

Empire: a kingdom of allianced countries or planets

Dragon: a serpentine creature of dinosaur descent




Young dragon, shrill and loud

Sing on the mountain and attract true love

Scream, with the might of your inner timbals




Hatred: a series of feeling expressing discontempt, and strong dislike

Fear: feelings evoked by something that frightens you

Food: anything that is edible

Poo: shit/poop/excrement from the lower body to relieve intestinal stress

Crotonian: a race of bipedal aliens, tall and broad, that worship war




Young Dragon, feeling fearful

Comfort yourself with happy memories

Young Dragon, with nothing comforting

Stand tall, and know nothing lasts forever




Lasting: [Last] the ending, or coming, or staying

Scientology: the study of sciences, including anatomy, the universe and what it births, and technology itself

Alma Mater: a super-being that bears all three Emblems of the three races: The Dragon, The Crotonian, The Crozetian, and their own




Young Dragon, arise from slumber

Form an empire with the eggs kept in your belly

Defy all odds

Defy nature or not

That is the question




The follwing passages were from Il Drago Dizionario, an ancient text kept in reserve in Rome. The poem passages were taken from Il Drago Impero Rinascita. Both books are currently held in reserve in Rome at the Royal Palace. 


Want more? Wait for The Society On Da Run to be released. For now, more excerpts will be posted. Also, you can share this with friends and like the two facebook pages:and. It only takes two clicks!

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