Space Dragon Poetry

It’s all a matter of making them seem like Dragons and making them seem like an ALL-POWERFUL-EMPIRE-FROM-SPACE!!!!!!!

I seemed to have mastered both. I now present to you “Dragons of Atlanta” (now that’s Atlanta, not Atlantis and THIS WAS NOT INSPIRED BY DRAGONS OF ATLANTIS). This little poem will give folks an insight into The Society On Da Run and all it’s Space Dragony glory. Let’s clarify some things before we read:

1) you have to read Dragonwar: Part 1. It’s on this blog, look for it

2) The dragons in this story are not meant to look all alieny. They are suppose to vary in appearances by species, and look like the dragons you’d see on the cover of fantasy/science fiction books and images on DeviantArt. Think these Dragons:

especially thisone:

3) Yes these Dragons talk, but when they talk they are not humans in an animal suit, they are really Dragons. I’ve tried to make them as believable as possible

4) Yes, these Dragons DO have space ships, bipedal foot soldiers, and weapons.

5) Thanks to the music of ALI PROJECT, my ideas on my space Dragons have grown and expanded from Empire-space-faring-creatures to descendants of an ancient race of singers.

We may now get on with the story/poem “Dragons of Atlanta”


Georgia was the fourth city to go down

What crippled the Georgia Gate Defenses was the giant serpent

The dang thing was wider than the city itself!

It literally melted the wall when it breathed fire!

When the wall was down all the dragons started moving in with sacks

They were grabbing people and throwing them in the sacks

I wondered why not attack from above?

And then it came to me:

They needed to protect the ground troops

So moving in together would make them a stronger force on initial attack

And then they could get to kidnapping humans

I heard it was a worldwide event

All over this rotting planet they were kidnapping humans

And decimating armies

If only we were smart enough to exploit their weaknesses

No wait—I heard we tried that already—it failed

What they have in weaknesses they make up for in numbers, strategy, tactics and army power

God help us all

This is Darrell Kingman, signing off




The ride was not too long
The fog was misty, warm
That’s when we heard thundering footsteps

I looked overhead and saw
Dropships, flying dragons,
and their walking machines

I ran into the cargo hold to fetch
She was asleep under the blankets
I told her what I saw, and she
Ran up to see for herself

At this time they noticed us
The roaring of the machines was
frightening as they turned toward us
Lasers lit up like wild
And Danny managed to turn on the motor

Our boat wasn’t the fastest,
But it helped us get away

But we ran into more of their machines
The dragons are cunning
They didn’t care if you were a dog
They’d silence you
They’d send in thousands of troops to
silence just one person because of what you knew

But what we feared of the dragons
Were their God’s children
Their “God” (their father) trusts only a
handful of his children to enter the battlefield

The natives call these children “Demons”
The Italians call them “Angels”
We, the Americans, call them
“Monsters,” because they looked scary

I got my first glimpse of this monster
As we passed the threshold from
Swamp City into Periliocene

Our boat had stopped in the caverns
And Danny and Father had to push the boat
At the end of the tunnel was a waterfall

The view beyond the waterfall was breathtaking
The top of the caverns was connected to the bottom
because of those tall and wide stone pillars that
were created by thousands of years of water erosion
The daylight could peak itself through
It was dark in there and the swamps in the cave were shallow

Danny had to find another way around
That longer route had taken us to the
Foot of the caverns

We heard singing…

It was Amolita Queen, I’m sure of it
She belongs to the Vessel

When we left the caverns we wandered into the swamp land
Eggs were floating in the water
And a family of Mama Angelinas were sleeping soundly
But the outside was less forgiving
Our boat sailed by unnoticed as I saw people running out of apartments
And being shackled and dragged away by the walking dragons
Would we be next?

And then déjà vu turned her head towards us
Over our heads, one of those “monsters”
was slowly descending over us
and an armada of troops followed behind it
I couldn’t see the wingless monster’s face
But it didn’t take long for the armada to start shooting

Danny pumped the motor as I ducked for cover with Mother
The boat started up, very slowly
and several of those Monsters had appeared over us
their roar was sounded like a shrill scream of fury
and happiness that burned my ears

the creature above us picked up our boat
Danny held onto me
but I tried to break away
Mother was slipping
I didn’t care if the creature inside her was coming out
I didn’t care about her screaming
I wanted to catch her before she fell
The only reason those monsters want us
Is because of the dragon my Mother carried within her
But she slipped, you see. She really did slip.
I miss her already.

AUGUST 17, 12:49pm

The base was on fire
Dragons were lingering about
Roaring, scavenging, growling
They caused the skyscrapers to fall
They blew up our most cherished memories (were they?)
They took my mama
But we are still deciding if their invasion was optical illusion, or not an invasion at all

I heard Perch Tech had captured Ashuton
And kept him tied up in their underground base
I also heard they took his pretty wife and child

I was riding with Jamsey in the van,
And I was reading through Ashuton’s journal
The newspapers say he escaped
And left no one alive in Perch Tech
Jamsey was there
He told me the Perch Tech CEO
and a few other important people escaped
into the Sanctum Chamber

What I don’t understand is this:
Why would the dragons kidnap people and not kill them?
Most the people that were kidnapped were not impregnated

I bet you’re wondering why I’m with Jamsey
and not with Danny
Danny is in the back seat
And our human dragon friend (Jamsey) is going to take
our boat to Central City so we can pass
The city is guarded by feral dragons
and the feral dragons have a strong love for their King

We reached the city in an hour
and already dragons were flying around the billowing smoke of the desolate metropolis

My brother, Danny, went by this law in the war:
If it acts like a bigwig and has the upper hand, it will eventually fall, but not without a lot of losses on the other side

The dragons didn’t act like bigwigs
They have numerous weaknesses like humans
The reason they had the upper hand was because we were keeping them like pets against their will
We didn’t let them build their cities
We didn’t allow them freedom like the Italians did
We did research studies on them
We captured them for their juice
We made their lives a living hell
So I guess we had it coming

Jamesy left the car in the tunnel
And we continued to the city
We avoided the main streets
But in some cases we had to run across the street
Mostly to small stores or gun shops
We reached the small bridge in the Pearview Park
It was surprisingly peaceful there
No sign of infected humans
No sounds coming from dropships
No hisses from feral dragons
No sounds of plasma guns charging
Not even the sounds of bugs
Just birds

Pigeons were resting on the bare fountain
The trees had blocked the sky
And the water shimmered, even though it was dirty with blood and a few dead bodies

Jamsey pushed the boat into the water and we stepped in
It was a quiet ride
He rowed the boat with makeshift oars he made when we were hiding out
He used to run a woodshop in Wisconsin
“Jamsey, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you lose your family?” I asked. He stood there, letting the oar float, and I said, “never mind.”
“Wisconsin Dells. We were on our way to Wisconsin Dells. The skies were gray, the sun was shining, there were dragons crawling around the waterpark.” He said.
“They took over the park?” I asked.

He turned to face me, “a cop told us to turn back, but a dragon swooped down and took him away. Dragons were shaking the top of the van, and they tore the roof off with their feet. They took my wife, they took my daughter, and they took my son.” He looked up at the sky; “they took them towards the waterpark.”

“Do you think it’s a nesting ground?” I asked.
He sighed, “I don’t know.”
“Have you tried getting them back?”
He shook his head, “haven’t had the weaponry to take them on.”
“Take them on? They have numerous weaknesses!” I shouted.
“But they make up for it in sheer numbers, leadership, and weaponry.”
He had a point.
Dragons had quality.


My head jerked up. They were here. They were following us!
“Get down!”
We hid under the covers like frightened children. One of them landed on our boat! I could hear it breathing heavily. I covered my mouth and let the tears fall. It was sniffing the covers. I could literally feel it’s breath on my neck. It chirped, and I could hear more dragons closing in above us. I even heard the roar of a Fighter Dragon. The dragon swiftly threw the covers off us like as if he were performing a magic trick on a table.

The fighter dragon smiled sinisterly and spoke, “Well, well, more people for Father to play with.”
They swooped us up and carried us away. I felt like a princess being kidnapped. This was when I stopped feeling like a survivor.




  1. “Love is when you meet someone who tells you something new about yourself.” ~ Andre Breton

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