“Dragonworld” the first Space Dragon chapbook, now on Smashwords for 1 Dollar

Instead of waiting, I have decided to release a chapbook containing the ten poems from The Society On Da Run and ten new poems made specifically for the chapbook Dragonworld ETC. You can view more about it here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/93742

Yes, I used Smashwords.

It’s about the space dragons and a few poems are based on the hidden characters Ashuton (the dragon god that is half-human) and Narcissus (his African American naturalist girlfriend). ENJOY!!! It’s only $2!

Oh, the Dragon emblem on the cover is the Official Emblem of Draconizica. Notice the symbols at the bottom of the flag. There are four variations of the Dragon flag, each corresponding with a season. Since it is October, and the ebook has been released today, October 3, which is in Fall, I decided to use the Fall Flag emblem. When a new season starts, people must change their flags to match the new season. That is called “Flag Day.”

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