Narcissus and the Dragon Birth (updated for grammar)

Narcissus (or it should be)

Narcissus (or it should be)

Ashuton in Dragon form, or it should be. I wonder who drew this.

Ashuton in Dragon form, or it should be. That's kinda how I picture him.

Another excerpt from The Society On Da Run (yes, more space dragons), this one deals with Narcissus and the birth of Ashuton(the Dragon god)’s child.

The soldiers grabbed her by the arms and hauled her away. The nursemaid, Yuko Hawakada, followed along with a petrified puppy. Narcissus kept her head down as she let them drag her by the arms.
Yuko saw the tears pouring form the girl’s eyes. Narcissus had been possessed by her human-dragon boyfriend, Ashuton Karrucci, and her womb had been blessed with a dragon child. Yuko had been her maid for the longest and was with her when she was captured.

Without a shred of decency or delicacy, the soldiers threw her into the harrowing (?) cold of the quarrantine room, and they pushed Yuko in there too.


Yuko was surprised that they had locked her in there with the “black terror.” She looked back, eyes wide and said, “what are you doing?!”

“the girl could use a meal.” said one of the soldiers as he closed the door and secured the locks. Human-dragons tend to resort to cannibalism. Even if Narcissus was fully human, she could still commit murder if Ashuton pushed her to it. Yuko did look tempting, scrumptious, and meaty. She was the right amoun of pale, and the paler they are, the more fulfilling they become when they’re “digesting” in your stomach. Narcissus hadn’t eaten in days and here she was, in the same room with food staring right at her. Her teeth started to imagine Yuko’s bone sliding between them. Yuko ran to the door and desperately pulled at the door-bars, but the door did not budge.

She slowly turned her head and saw troublesome friend

Narcissus was glaring at her, eyes bright green with the soul of another’s. The girl’s eyes displayed madness that was stronger than that of her Dragon-husband’s.


The room perfectly closed them in

Small, white, one table with a Tragmaphone and one bed

Yuko would be an easy picking

No room left to fight

No room for defense

Narcissus moved like a lioness stalking it’s prey

She scratched her puffy hair and took her eyes of Yuko. It broke the trance of fear, but it immediately returned when those eyes stared at Yuko again.


“He will come for me, don’t deny it.” she said.

Yuko quivered, the hiss in the girl’s voice was cold.

“You will die, your scientists will die, and your way of science will die.” she said as she walked side-to-side, eyes only on Yuko


The nurse screamed her heart out, not believing it true.

The dragons forthcoming has taken a great toll on the womans body. A smell most foul filled the air as clotted blood dripped from the womans legs. The air was wrank with the damage the unborn had done. She walked towards Yuko with a shake in her step, and every step bloodied the hospital gown.

Yuko backed up against the door and tried hard to hold onto her nerves and to not let fear make her hysterical.

Narcissus looked her dead in the eyes with all the innocence and sadism she could muster from her thoughts. She wasn’t normally like this. Narcissus used to be calm, peaceful, and didn’t bother you if you didn’t bother her. She was a minimalist and didn’t want to have too many things. In that old life she had with Ashuton, all they depended on was eachother. All they wanted was to be left alone.

But Aaron Karrucci, the Emperor of the all-powerful Antonin Empire (Draconizica), didn’t want that to happen. He didn’t want his son to be hurt by Narcissus. But what hurt could she bring?

A lot of hurt.

Aaron had lost one of his children because Empress Seraphina was African. People he trusted had murdered his child because they hated Seraphina. They hated the fact that she was Afrcian. They wanted her blood to pay.

Aaron didn’t want a repeat to happen to his son, but instead something worse came from his efforts. He led the troops from Perch-Tech to the little house that Ashuton and Narcissus called “home” and he had given them weapons that were the ONLY way to bring Ashuton down. They succeeded and took Narcissus, but killed ashuton in the process. Aaron didn’t let his son’s death bother him, he knew everyone in the Karrucci lineage was immortal, but Ashuton’s rebirth into this world would be through a different portal, and not his actual body. Aaron didn’t anticipate his son coming back to Narcissus via the dragon-baby in her womb.

Yuko whimpered and pressed herself against the door, with hope that someone would open it and she would fall trough.


Narcissus touched her hand and spoke, “I am going to give birth to the Dragon and no matter how good your defenses are, no matter how hard you try and quarrantine me, HE WILL escape.”

The bloodflow was worsening and started smelling of Dragon crap

Narcissus stood on her tippy-toes and whispered to Yuko in a devious tone, “The end is near for you. Will you party or pray?”

Yuko, in a trembling voice of horror, whispered what the girl wanted to hear, “pray.”

Yuko covered her ears and fell down against the door, “PRAAAYYYYYYY.”


She was at the mercy of the girl

She bowed down at the girl’s feet and started crying hysterically

The fumes of dragon crap started to seep into her nose

She looked up at the teenager, knowing the free will of back-aging made the girl young, and said, “please don’t kill me, Nachan.”

‘Nachan’ was the nickname Yuko had given her. She reached for the caramel girl’s leg and touched it with cold hands

Narcissus flinched. Yuko’s cold hands had zapped a strange feeling through her veins. As it coursed through her body she felt the little dragon in her stomach kick and turn. She drew back screaming and shaking, and hit the hard, cold, floors.

Yuko ran for the tragmaphone and dialed for the main lab.


“Y’ello?” an exotic male voice had said.

“Dr. Dewi, come quick! It’s Narcissus!”

The man hung up before Yuko finished. He smiled, showing his pearly whites for the first time in a week, knowing his time for waiting was over.

The science experiment of a lifetime was becoming real.

The man, Dr. Abdul Dewi (DEH-wee not Di-wee), was the second lead scientist at Perch-Tech Industries and has tried for thirty-years to get his hands on a Dragon born of a human Mother’s womb. He tried once with Seraphina at the approval of Aaron, until Ashuton told his father how “true” Dr. Dewi was to his words. His second attempts were futile. He kidnapped multiple Dragon-humans, from the ones that looked humans to the ones that hid in the wild in shame of their anthropomorphic body structure. He kidnapped mothers, sisters, prostitutes and even little girls, and experimented on them all with sperm from forced male subjects. Every attempt resulted in a malformed baby, a stillborn, or a plain human. Why was Narcissus so different?


Ashuton is the dragon god, the perfect bank for any species of dragon. Just one orgasm resulted in Narcissus’s pregnancy and the creation of the dragon within her. Even if Ashuton is 45% human, any child his seed wished upon a woman would result in a Dragon or a human-dragon. In the eyes of man, a human-dragon was regarded as a God, but in the eyes of a Dragon they were dismissed as a burden, impurity, imperfection, and a combination of the most highest empire in the universe mixed with their lowly, unpeaceful four-limb descendants.


Dr. Dewi went to the control room and notified Dr. Burke of the situation. Burke was the head of the artificial intelligence division and his son, Furazzi, was the head of the company. Burke gave Dr. Dewi top access to the Spec-Ops soldiers. At tihs time they werre on thier lunch break in the mess hall. The hallways were full of chatter, but as Dr. Dewi passed by the voices of the onlookers were reduced to low whispers. Dr. Dewi entered the mess hall and saw James Hartlow, the leading soldier of Generic Team, and Canman Dreadnaw, the only soldier with the highest combat grade.

“Mr. Hartlow,” Dewi began, “I need you to assist me in a little extraction mission.”

“But sir, I’m on break.” said Hartlow.

Dewi’s tone hardened, “Break or not, get your team ready or you won’t see that Tuesday Payraise.”

* * *

Dr. Dewi arrived with the seven soldiers from Generic Team. You may think seven soldiers is overkill, but it wasn’t overkill if you were five feet away from a dragon-possesed woman. Besides, dragons overkill all the time in battles (especially with airships and those puny King Dragons).

The doctor quickly input the code on the keypad and the large steel doors opened. Dr. Dewi saw the scene unveil before him. There was Narcissus, all bloodied and on the ground, and there was Yuko, frightened and with scratches all on her body and face.


“GO! GO! GO!” shouted James.

The soldiers rushed in and tried to hold the girl but she fought hard. She pushed, scratched, kicked and punched until she had no strength left. It took nearly all of the soldiers to haul the girl onto the gurney.

They tightened the straps around her arms and took her to the secret labs in level C3 of the Perch-Tech facility.


“The girl is now Perch Quality 1,” said Dr. Dewi, “her and her dragonborn are to be quarantined and studied. I have waited too long for this.”

“Is this another one of your failed experiments?” asked James.

Dr. Dewi shook his head, “No, Mr. Hartlow. This is what I’ve waited for. For years we’ve known that the Vessel is more than just a Dragon. That time in Rome we gasped in awe as he arrived over the city in the form of more than a million dragons in the mosaic of a black dragon.* Haven’t you ever wondered how he could do that? This girl is our key to finding out. That child she carries will help us uncover the truth of the Vessel.”

James spoke out, trying to make sense of it all, “But the Dragon bible says that he calls the Dragons to him, and that’s how they form the mosaic. I don’t see how this girl fits in.”

Dr. Dewi smiled, showing those pearly whites again, “You don’t know? That dragon inside her womb is Ashuton, the one we’ve been trying to capture for study. Now that we have him we can decode the mystery. We can look into that dragon’s insides and see what is responsible for..”

James interrupted, “I think you have other motives under this one. I don’t believe you on this one.”


When they reached Labroom 108, they released the girl from her straps. She stepped down lightly, but the dragon-baby kicked inside her, causing her to fall. She felt the room spin, she felt her body temperature skyrocket, sweat was pouring from her face. She violently unleashed a puddle of cloudy vomit onto the freshly mopped floors.

Yuko, whom had followed along, had to help her friend to the hospital bed. She whispered through tears as she laid Narcissus on the bed, “Lay down and pray to the great lords, for they’ll cl-cl-cleanse your soul.”

She looked at Dr. Dewi and said, “She’s lost too much blood.”

“Blood does not matter to her!” said Dr. Dewi with harshness in her tonne, “The Vessel—Ashuton—is keeping her alive for the sake of his portal into this word, that dragon baby she carries in her womb.”

Yuko felt horrified at the terror this girl was feeling. She cradled Narcissus and began to sing the poem of the ancient Dragons in their dead language, Hymnody. Narcissus could feel the creature moving inside her.

Mou? Vix lòusmên vos ken derada.
Hymn frêiden los vou.
Syaà finto esp

Vix lòusmên vos ken derada.
Vix lòusmên vos ken estress

Dracon, lòusmên lui kan estress
Kushêv el Nary
Syaà, vos Dra

Dracon, lòusmên lui cou ferra
Dracon, lòusmên lui fe hommus

Vix lòusmên vos ken derada.
Vix lòusmên vos ken estress

Dracon, lòusmên lui kan estress
Zeria, felt wan


The soldiers of Generic Team watched as Narcissus screamed in pain. Yuko rocked back and forth, cradling the teenager and continued singing the ancient song.

To this world you flew
to this scorched world you flew
To this land with no dominion
To this land with no name
Here you part: in twos and threes
Here you part: each carrying yourself
You wash up the oceans
And the canaries of the sky
And to here you reach out with a Wyvern’s breath
And sprout arms and legs
Here you part: a descendant of the birds, not the serpents
Here, you sqwak: as a Dragon
As a Cicada
With your low, gutteral moan
Or high pitch calling

The birth was long and painful for Narcissus. Dr. Dewi and thirteen other doctors were all talking hospital jargon as Narcissus’s heartrate elevated. Her body was nearly drained of all blood. Yuko held Narcissus’s hand and could already feel the lifelessness that held the poor, pregnant girl.

“Please, don’t stop singing!” Narcissus cried. Yuko nodded.

This world knows no bounds
And by that it must be punished
Speak up, little boy
Don’t let them push us around
We are the visions in your sleep
The voices overlapping in your mind
The projectors of television inside your head
You owe it to us, your dragons and your castoffs
You owe it to us that this world be recreated
For a simpler life
Can’t you hear them?
Our sisters and brothers
Our Mother, your Other, Almamater
She’s calling you only
With her timid wishes

“Sir, she’s falling into an a coma!” shouted one of the doctors.
“Up the dosage of Euphinitin, we CANNOT have that baby die!” shouted Dewi.

The dosage was upped so high that afterwards she would have to be “purged” afterwards to expel the toxins of the medicine. Yuko sang loudly, even going as far as trying to sing over the doctors.

The fires are swift
the waters are suffocating
Rise from sleep, young bird of the flames
Take back what is ours
The purity of all Dragon-kind
Blow away the cities with your cold breath
Release the swarm of dragons with your Awakening
Come home to where you belong
Don’t stay closed in
Destroy all they wish to pollute with their laziness
Become one with Mother Earth, be her guardian
Her protector
And let us live free with the trees

She was slipping away fast, faster than Dr. Dewi had anticipated. Narcissus’s screams were loud with sadness drilled into them, not from the horror of her condition, but from the horror of what these scientists were about to do to her

Lin lòusmêna lar Whorres
Lin lòusmêna lar Draghi
Lin lòusmêna lar Escart
Lin lòusmêna lar Envelist
Lin lòusmêna lar Curisten
Lui Syaa lar Fruitis
Lui Syaa lar Esperr

Il me War ol’ arie shel Dracona

(We think of Whores)
(we think of Drazors)
(we think of Transportation)
(we think of entitlement)
(we think of creation)
(we love their poison-fruit)
(we love their whispers)

(I am the Sin therein of your ancient Dragons)

And here, you come alive:
As a Vessel of souls


One final scream followed by the short, raspy, bird-like hissing sounds of a baby dragon, and then all fell silent. The baby dragon was curled in an encasement of slightly solidified Juice (Juice is the strange substance made by dragons that is most commonly used and abused by drug dealers)

Yuko saw Dewi plow through the encase and he pulled out the silky wet black dragon. It really was a dragon, complete with little horns, claws, and wings that hadn’t fully hardened. Yuko felt her body drain of all feeling and she collapsed. Narcissus fell into the oblivion of an a coma.

“It’s a BOY!” Dr. Dewi shouted in happiness.

“He needs to molt. Lay him down. His wings haven’t filled with fluid and his arms are fragile.” said James, “Dr. Dewi? Dr. Dewi?!”


Dr. Dewi cradled the dragon-child, and it opened it’s big eyes for the first time. It’s eyes were green and red, the signal of Ashuton dwelling deep within the child’s body.

Dewi felt happy, and then he felt all the money in the world flow inside his mind




This poem-story chapter is in The Society On Da Run, licensed CC BY NC, you can use it but not for commercial use (that means you cant make money off it), please attribute me. This was a quick write up based on a cancelled chapter in the book, quickly written for WordPress viewing.

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