The Society On Da Run Issue 1 available



Update 10/9/11: I want to give up promoting the book, but I’ve been working on the series for more than 7 years, so I’m not going to give up. I’ve made the first issue Free for a while because apparently people can’t pay $2 for a chapbook. So it’s FREE. It’s free. Dragonworld, however, is not free. You have to buy that one, but it’s price will be discounted.


You read it right! Instead of waiting for 11.11.11, I decided to release the first chapbook in The Society On Da Run series. I just can’t wait! It needed to be done. It’s not necessarily a magazine, but is a cross between chapbooks and magazines (Chapzine).

The Society On Da Run (portmanteau of working titles “The Society” and “On Da Run”) is about the Space Dragon empire “Draconizica” and how they are sick of humans tormenting them (the humans have no clue the Dragons are aliens). Their “immortal” prince (human-dragon) initiates a war that soon ends with a surprising twist. There are also three sub-plots at play (well, I’m not sure if poetry stories have sub plots): the human/dragon prince’s relationship with his “peace-loving” girlfriend, the dragons attempts to engineer a virus for turning certain humans into Dragons-Humans, and a haunted facility on Mars.

I’ve spent seven years on that and it has shelled out over 444 pages of content (on comic book sized paper). The ebook version is 38 pages and is available on Smashwords (yes, I used them…AGAIN) and Lulu.



It’s amazing how many ebooks are published a day. I’ve also added the ebook profile for Dragonworld ETC:

I’ve done just about everything to promote this book, and now the only thing I have left is patience, which I don’t have a lot of.

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