Give the Man His Butter Pecan Ice Cream (365 Days of Ashuton)

Our 100th post!! Introducing a new category: Memes That Started Here ! Please refer to “Narcissus and the Dragon Birth” to find out who the characters are and to better understand them.

Ashuton stood by the railing and looked down at the long fall. He could walk all the way down, but it would be melted by then. He could send his dragon Caterina down there, but she would just hit the ground like an egg. The building’s elevator was out and the sun was beating down hard. Ashuton turned to his brother Thomas and said, “I need that ice cream. Can you–”

Thomas interrupted, “No.”
Ashuton drew back a bit, “What? What the hell do you mean “No”? As much as I do for you!”

“All you did was get my girlfriend back.” said Thomas.

Ashuton shook his head, “In all the centuries we’ve been living, you can’t recall the millions of things I’ve done to save your ass?”

Thomas shook his head, “Nope.”


Ashuton sighed, his only source of pleasure had fallen to it’s death. The butter pecan ice cream had taken a long fall from his hands and on down the Empire State building. Ashuton walked in circles, contemplating what to do.

“Um, Ashuton, I think we should go back down, now.” said Narcissus, his african-american girlfriend. Thomas enjoyed calling her the “Double Lips” because she beared a striking resemblance to Empress Seraphina.


“May I place an input into this conversation?” asked Caterina.

“Go ahead.” said Thomas.

“Ashuton, why don’t you fly down and get it.” said the black dragoness.

Ashuton took a good look at her, taking in the stupidity of her comment, “Fly down there? Just “fly” down there? I would have no problem doing that if I wasn’t the Prince of Italy!”


Caterina snorted, “fine. you don’t have to yell.”


Ashuton got on his knees and shouted to the heavens, “I need that ice cream! I cannot go one without it! Butter pecan ice cream IS. A. MUST!”

“What? Since when did ice cream come between us?” asked Narcissus.

Ashuton sighed, “Since I tasted it back in 1943.”

Caterina shook her head, her frills unfurling like feathers, “What I don’t get is how you maintain a good-looking body with that ice cream in your diet.”


Ashuton gazed at the sky as he lay on the hot ground, and he continuously whispered (like a psycho), “butterpecanicecreamisamusy. butterpecanicecreamisamust. butterpecanicecreamisamust.”


Caterina shouted loudly, “What? I can’t hear you over your ice cream Jargon!”

Narcissus leaned in closer to hear him, “I think he’s saying butter pecan ice cream is a must.”

Thomas whispered, “My iPad is a must.”

“You wear pads? You’re a manly man!” said Caterina.

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