Narcissus and the Dragon Birth (rewritten by Erik Drednaugh and his Girl)

Tonight my friend Dreadnaw ad his Girl remade my story, “Narcisus and the Dragon Birth.” It’s fantastic and reads like a professional novel! I love the bone-chilling feeling I got when reading it. I know you’ll enjoy it too. I can’t thank them enough for it! It deserves more than a thank you and it’s past awesome. It tipped the scale for me. If 10 was the highest, a Googolplex is even higher.

But, he had received the wrong version of the story. He received the original version, but it’s okay. The story is still as awesome as heck! Thank you so much Dreadnaw and Girl!

Narcissus (or it should be)

The soldiers grabbed her by the arms abrasively and dragged her struggling body away.

The nursemaid followed, looking nervously at her friend. Narcissus kept her head down as she let

them drag her by the arms.  She winced in pain as her knees burned, skidding across the floor helplessly behind her.  The nursemaid, Yuko, could see her tears. Without a shred of decency or delicacy, the soldiers threw her into the bitter cold of the quarantine room they had set aside for her.

Yuko exhaled a wail of surprise as she was then forced into the room as Ashuton in Dragon form, or it should be. I wonder who drew this.well. She stood frozen in horror appalled by the soldiers actions.

“W..what are you doing?!” she shouted.

“The girl will need a meal.” said one of the soldiers as he closed the door and secured the locks.

Yuko pulled at the bars on the door, but the door would not budge. She looked back at her troublesome friend.  Narcissus was glaring at her fiercely, her hands clutched at her belly.  She was clearly distraught and with one arm resting on the bedpost she stood hunched over. The girl’s eyes displayed madness that was stronger than that of her Dragon-husband’s.

This room they chose was perfect. Perfect for their twisted plot and betrayal.

The unsuspecting Yuko was sure to be a meal. They had nowhere to run, Yuko could not fight, even if she tried. The room disgusted Yuko. Everything in the room was white. In the center of the room, sat a small white table, with a white tablecloth. Also a white vase, with a white daisy set in it. There also sat a tragmaphone. A device used to communicate between the different levels of the facility. Even the floor was made of marble. With a giant bed, made with white sheets. The purity of the room sickened her, knowing of the horror of which was to come.

Yuko would be easy pickings. No room to fight. It had been designed this way.  No room to run, no room to fight. Narcissus suddenly, with senses that were not her own, raised her nose to the air.  A strange hunger pang had overtaken her. She had never felt anything like it before. Her mouth watered and her tongue quivered. She looked to Yuko and realized the cure for her growing insanity. She wanted flesh. Narcissus transformed from a distraught woman suffering painfully to a fierce lioness stalking its prey. Occasionally she would scratch her puffy hair. It broke the trance that had begun to instill great fear in the now weary Yuko.  But immediately the sensation would overtake her again as her eyes pierced through her soon to be prey.

“He will come for me! Narcissus shouted in a tone, half painfully hers, and half belonging to something else. Do not deny it!”. Yuko quivered in fear.

“You will die, your scientists will die, and your way of science will die.” she said as she walked side-to-side, eyes only on Yuko. The nurse started to scream as blood began to trickle from the girls flower. Narcissus walked towards her uncontrollably with a shake in her step. Her body twitched wretchedly with uneven steps as she unsteadily approached the nursemaid. Yuko backed up against the door and tried hard to hold onto her nerves and to not let fear make her scream. Narcissus looked her dead in the eyes.

“I am going to give birth to the Dragon and no matter how good your defenses are, no matter how hard you try and quarantine me, HE WILL escape.”

The dragons forthcoming had began to take an obvious toll on the womans body. A smell most foul filled the air as clotted blood dripped from the womans legs. The air was rank with the damage the unborn had done. She stood on her tippy-toes and whispered to Yuko, ”The end is near for you. Then she uncontrollably kicked her head back and screamed “THE END IS NEAR HAHAHAHA! What will you do? Will you indulge yourself in thought of the seven deadly sins you had partook in? Or will you take to your knees and pray? Ask for those who can not be forgiven the chance to be judged in the afterlife?”

Yuko, in a trembling voice of horror, responded, “pray.”

She screamed, covered her ears, and fell down against the door, “PRAAAYYYYYYY.” She was at the mercy of the girl now.  She bowed down at the girl’s feet and started crying hysterically. She gagged as the smell of rancid blood dripped on her back. She desperately tried to draw the breath she needed to beg her pardon. She looked up to the teenage woman, knowing the free will of back-aging made the girl young.

“Please don’t kill me, Nachan.” She reached for the caramel girl’s leg and touched it with cold, shaky hands drained of color. Narcissus drew back screaming and shaking, and fell to the floor. Yuko ran for the tragmaphone and quickly dialed for the main lab. She knew she had but one chance to avoid becoming a meal.

“Y’ello?” an exotic male voice had said.

“Dr. Dewi , come quick! It’s Narcissus!”

The man hung up, knowing his time for waiting was over. The science experiment he spent his life’s work on was becoming a reality. The man, Dr. Abdul Dewi, was the second lead scientist at Perch-Tech Industries and has tried for thirty-years to get his hands on a Dragon born of a human Mother’s womb. Dr. Dewi arrived with seven special soldiers as protection. It wasn’t overkill if you were five feet away from a Dragon-possessed woman. If anything it wasn’t near enough. The doctor quickly input the code on the keypad and the large steel doors opened and Dr. Dewi saw the scene unveil before him.

“GO! GO! GO!” shouted the commanding officer

It took nearly all of the soldiers to sedate the girl enough to get her onto a gurney and properly strapped tight. Through her foggy haze she could make out the nameplates of their secret labs. They stopped at  the C3 level of the Perch-Tech facility.

“The girl is now Perch Quality 1,” said Dr. Dewi, “Her and her Dragon-born are to be quarantined and studied. I have waited too long for this.” When they reached Lab room 108, they released her from the straps. She fell helplessly off the gurney and violently unleashed a puddle of cloudy vomit. Yuko, whom had followed along, gently helped her to the bed.

“She’s lost too much blood.” she said.

“Blood is of no importance to her!” said Dr. Dewi, “We have what we need and the vessel, Ashuton, is keeping her alive for the sake of his portal into this world.”

Yuko felt horrified, more for the terror Narcissus was experiencing than her own horror. The rest of the special soldiers (whom are called Generic Team) came in to guard and watch over her. The birth was long and painful.  Narcissus’s screams were loud, filled with sadness, pain, and despair. Not from the horror of her condition, but from the horror of what these scientists were about to do to her and her beloved offspring. One final scream, followed by the short, raspy, bird-like hissing sounds of a baby dragon, and then all fell silent. The baby dragon was curled in an encasement of slightly solidified juices. Yuko felt Narcissus’s body drain of all energy and she quickly collapsed. Narcissus fell into the deep, dark, oblivion of a coma. With no regard for the souls he had crushed that day, Dr. Dewi cradled the dragon-child. And he felt all the money in the world flow inside his mind.

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