Narcissus Dilentante and the Hapless Dragon

One word: Borderline Bestality. Okay, that’s two words.


In clandestine glory
I see you look down at me
Your eyes open up new light

Through that hole in the wall
You see everything I do
Come in and join me, please
There is much to do

I conform your abnormalities
Dragon scales, claws and dragon breath
Yet behind slanted lizard eyes
I see a human

Come in and join for there is much to do
Together let’s fall into the Smokey oblivion
Of each other’s warmth and dreams
And never come back

I want to be there with you
At all times
And I am

Morning, noon and night
You kiss these chocolate covered lips
And I stroke your pale neck
Unfortunate things uphold lust
But what we have binds us

You speak words so intelligently
Improper grammar makes you cringe
You enjoy pasta and vegetables
But it is sweets that turn you off

You may sound like a dream
But no you are real
In the trees the cicadas wind down
Upon a pale hand with a chocolate overcoat

I look again in your eyes
I see light and romance
In heated passion I take a deep breath
And slowly pour my feelings onto you

In the comfort of the room
The moon shines bright as a beacon of intensity
And trees, a bed, and lightly painted walls
Become our only place of solace

But everywhere we go we are in bright spirits
From the Gelateria, the Apple store, to the bookstore
Towards the restaurant, to the cluttered sidewalks
And finally back to our homes

Separate lives we once lived
Now joined together by a four year passing
A gap in time reunited our passion

I am everywhere with you
You are everywhere with me
From the kitchen, to the bedroom
To the bathroom to the driveway and inside a car
LOL at our clinginess

We each support each other like two roses
Bound by an invisible string
More softer and delicate than thread

Each night we lay together
I deeply take in your natural scent
Your arms are around me and we are so close
And together we lay, our skins touching
O sweet chocolate and vanilla, ice cream so sweet
And brown with tan, colors so unique

Slowly, slowly building, mounting pleasure
Every slow turn, every tickling stroke, I feel my mind collapse
Hoo rah!
You treat me carefully, and in your words you said,
“I will treat you like an angel. A feather on the verge of falling, and I shall not tip you over. Not even slightly.”

Your words swayed in my mind
Like diligent cicadas strapped to their trees
And on normal days you say, “I enjoy you so much.”

Yet what we have is what other’s do not

A key to the drawer of missing romance,
I shall keep our files secret

I run my fingers through your hair
On your neck, and on your back
Your hands gently rubbed and stroked my sides
And a flower
And your used your talented tongue
to treat my neck to a wondrous sensation

You protect me and guard me like a fierce dragon
You will use all your wits and powers to protect me

I am your weakness
You are my soul
Never will you let me go astray without joining me
And I, unlike most females, enjoy your company
Every second, every minute, and every hour of the day

You need me to balance your feelings
I need you so I won’t feel alone
Together we do everything
We’ll even streak the streets without shame
We are always together, you and I

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