Perfect Dark 2: Breaching Defect (fan-made chapbook)

One thing I would like to start working on is a (somewhat) Doujin story for Perfect Dark that will serve as a “rewrite” of the original story. I know this blog barley gets views, but I’m going to start serializing a Perfect Dark serial novel called “Perfect Dark 2: Breaching Defect.” This is not an empty promise, because it will be a fan-made chapbook (a pretty quick write-up). That, along with Raspy Nyuga and the Dragons of Sheng Chi City, will begin serialization of either December of this year or next year.

Perfect Dark 2: Breaching Defect will have a prologue that will give the characters (most notably the aliens) a more detailed backstory. The story will be set four years after the main plotline in which the Skedar will try to revive their lost plan and form an alliance with another alien spieces, or something along those lines. For those of you that do not know, Perfect Dark is a video game that was first released in 1999 (or 2000) and was the best-reviewed game of it’s time. It recently had a remake for Xbox 360 and it’s fanbase has expanded. Perfect Dark was one of the very first M-rated games I played, and I was only six. To this day it still has an impact on me that other games like Halo and Call of duty won’t have on me. Google it to know more about it.

Until next time, Ad Astra!


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