Will Skyrim Deliver a New Age of Dragons?

After doing a bit of googling of the 11-11-11 day, I noticed a dragon game called Skyrim shares the same release date as my space dragon book. In Skyrim, you play as a Viking-guy (or girl) and must stop an evil massive god (disguised as a dragon) from destroying the world. Time for a picnic at the edge of Skyrim! 😀

You’ll occasionally run into a Dragon or two during gameplay. Nice, will they give me a Sweet Tea?

Then I found out the Dragons are evil 😦

Then I found out the Dragons have their own language! YAY! So do about a million other Dragons :/

But the coolest thing about this game is that it’s an RPG, meaning you can explore a massive world and do whatever you want while you wreak havoc everywhere and slay dragons. Reminds me of Stitch Experiment 626 for PS2. Ah, the memories.

For me, I’m not getting Skyrim because I’m saving for a PS3 and Resistance 3 (Damn you, Sony! You know I love Resistance). If I weren’t doing that, I’d buy Skyrim. The reason I defineley will not buy the $180 collector’s edition is because its $180. I’d love to have that Dragon statue, but $180 ain’t worth it. I’ll buy it on eBay.

So, will Skyrim deliver a new age of Dragons? Probably. Will Skyrim be nominated for Game of the Year? Don’t know. What are your thoughts on good ol’ Skyrim.

(Note: When I first heard about it I thought it was spelt as Skqwivern)

My Skyrim Review: My Thoughts on Skyrim


  1. Mortar and Pistol · · Reply

    Just my 2 cents, but you will be so much better off if you buy Skyrim instead of Resistance 3. Do some more research on Skyrim, I think you’ll be extremely impressed with how much more of a game it is, than simply being a Viking and trying to stop a dragon. Its an open world RPG where you can pretty much do anything you want, be anyone you want, and hey, fight dragons along the way. But the game isn’t just scripted out like a lot of games, you really do whatever you want to. Each person’s game experience will be different than others. I’m not bashing Resistance 3, it was a great game, but it only offers like 12 hours of gameplay, while Skyrim is promising around 200+. Anyway, just my humble opinion : )

    1. hmmm, I kinda agree with you. I did enjoy Fallout 3, which was an rpg, but after spending a month playing it it wore off on me (somewhat). I might consider buying Skyrim and get someone in my family to buy R3….I’ll see how it goes. Thank you for your comment, I rarely get those.

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