My thoughts on losing the Fantasy Book Review short story competition

I entered the Fantasy Book Review’s short story competition using the story Skyline and Kate Com. It was well received and they said the use of poetry and e-mails was very original. I had high expectations that I would be on the shortlist of 9 winners. Throughout the days I’ve been checking constantly, getting excited, getting my heart rate up and thinking about what I would do with an iPad and how I would spend my time with it (maybe playing Marathon), and then they publish a longlist of 22 runner ups. Guess what? I didn’t make it. My story was ONE POINT off from being on the list.


What I don’t like was that everyone was bothering the judges about when the list would be published. I think if everyone had not bothered the judges about who’s going to win, I think the judges would have had a clear mind and I could have made it. Another thing, my story was fantasy and sci fi…..wait, that had nothing to do with it. There’s a story on the longlist that’s borderline sci fi! Anyway, I’ve never felt like this before. My feelings on this are mixed, but mostly upset. It has taught me a very valuable lesson: There is always someone better than you.

You can see the longlist here (which will be shortened, and they say more entries will be added. Does that mean I might still have a chance?):

Well, that’s it for tonight
Ad Astra

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