Print Edition of TSODR and Dragonworld ETC for 11.11.11 Day

This is reposted from the blog I made specifically for TSODR.

So, I took down the chapbook from to rework it, and found out about the awfully strange 11.11.11 and 11.1.11 dates. Here I am thinking: chapbooks have more to tell than a Novel. So now, for once and for all, without taking it down, I will release The Society On Da Run and Dragonworld ETC in a special print edition that includes un-published material and a special introductory chapbook on 11.11.11 day, and a special color book on 11.1.11 Day. So, for anyone whose dying to read and review the book, you will have your chance in November. Book reviewers are also encouraged to review the books. Just because it’s self published that doesn’t mean it’s not excellent. I’d actually be ecstatic if Stephen King and Anne McCaffrey reviewed it. As you already know, the video game Skyrim and the movie 11.11.11 share the same release date as the book, so you probably won’t be returning to LIFE for a very long time. I’ve got a lot of people to call 🙂

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Check on 11.11.11 day!

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