Imp Empress: Aaron and Seraphina’s Story has reached 30 downloads in 24 hours!

The interracial romance short story about Ashuton’s parents has reached 30 downloads and was added to 5 member libraries on Smashwords shortly after it’s release. That’s much much faster than TSODR and Dragonworld ETC combined on their opening days. Also, Lorea Antabella has reached 25 views on Wattpad in 24 hours, which is much faster than my other stories (but Dragonworld did twice as better in 48 hours). Both short stories have interracial romance at their core (I’m African American and I write more about the romance of my characters Ashuton & Narcissus and Aaron & Seraphina than I do with the dragon language songs). Lorea Antabella was my secret gift to the world that I was saving for 11-11-11 day, but I couldn’t resist. It’s like Twilight on steroids minus the sparkly vampires and purple prose (now when I say that, that does not mean you should not read it).

Imp Empress: download and read for free

Read and vote for Lorea Antabella on Wattpad (Note: Lorea is much younger than the girl on the front cover, and Tyrell is younger, but not too young. Slightly older than Lorea)

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